Short Term Parking At Detroit Metro Airport

Short Term Parking At Detroit Metro Airport – Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) is the largest commercial airport in Michigan serving the Greater Detroit metropolitan area. DTW Airport is ranked as the 24th busiest airport in the world serving over 31 million passengers annually. The airport was constructed in 2010 by the U.S. J.D. in Power & Associates. Named Best Major Airport in

The Wayne County Airport Authority manages DTW Airport. Detroit Airport parking options include valet, short-term and long-term parking in the Big Blue Deck Parking Garage, the McNamara Terminal Parking System and yellow surface parking. Detroit travelers can choose to park at any off-airport facility, such as Quick Park on Merriman Road or US Park on Middlebelt Road.

Short Term Parking At Detroit Metro Airport

Short Term Parking At Detroit Metro Airport

Calculate and compare DTW parking rates. You need to enter your arrival and departure date and time (as per your convenience) in the drop-down parking cost calculator at the top of this page. Once you press the Calculate Rates button, your actual parking rates will immediately appear on the map, next to each parking spot, and in the chart below. Compare and choose the best option.

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Choose your Detroit Metro Airport parking facility. This is the easy part after completing the calculations in the first step. Choose the most convenient parking garage with the best rates. Move the cursor over your selected facility on the map and all the key contact information – exact address, phone number, website, etc. – and description will appear.

Guarantee your parking space. After selecting a garage, don’t forget to reserve your parking space if available (indicated by the blue parking icon on the map). You now have a designated DTW parking space.

Parking fees at Detroit Airport currently exceed fees managed by the airport. These fees are subject to change and may have been modified since this page was published – check current fees with the parking map and fee calculator above or visit the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) website: world Wide Web. Terminal used by Delta. It consists of three concourses A, B and C with 121 gates. One concourse consists of 64 gates, 12 of which are used for international departures and arrivals processing. Groups B and C have twenty-eight gates. The B and C concourses are connected to the main terminal building and the A concourse is connected by a pedestrian walkway. McNamara Terminal has moving walkways, and the A concourse has a people mover.

Since the McNamara Terminal has concourses A, B, and C, the North Terminal is considered the “D” concourse of the airport. There are 26 gates in the concourse.

Airport Parking & Reservations

The McNamara Terminal parking lot is one of the largest parking structures in the world. This structure can accommodate 11,489 cars. The garage parking in the North Terminal is called Blue Deck. Two additional outdoor lots labeled “Yellow” and “Red” are overflow parking lots. Private parking lots are located outside the airport grounds (Park ‘n’ Go, Quick Park, US Park, Airlines Parking). Motorcycles can be parked in a covered area separate from cars in the McNamara Terminal Parking System and motorcycle parking is free at Detroit Airport.

Cellphones are also available in McNamara and North Terminal. The McNamara Terminal cellphone lot is located on the south side of Eureka Road between I-275 and the airport entrance ramp. The North Terminal cell phone lot is located near I-94 at the Middlebelt Road exit, where parking spaces and customer service are available.

We’ll provide you with a complete comparison guide to price, distance, location, and customer service in Detroit, as these are key factors when comparing Detroit airport parking fees and parking lot options. Airport, and provide all the information to help you choose the best parking!

Short Term Parking At Detroit Metro Airport

Whether you park at the airport or at one of the off-site DTW parking facilities, there are some differences between each parking option.

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Detroit Airport’s off-site parking facilities offer lower rates than airport parking rates. In fact, you can save even more money by booking your parking space on these companies’ websites. If you want to save money when parking at Detroit Airport, park at one of the off-site DTW Airport parking options: US Park, Quick Park, Airlines Parking or Park ‘n Go.

The cheapest parking option offered by the Wayne County Airport Authority is the Green Lot. The Green Lot is located half a mile from the North Terminal and approximately 2 miles from the McNamara Terminal. If you don’t want to take the airport shuttle from the Green Lot, you can park in the DTW Airport Parking Garage near your terminal. Of course, you’ll be charged double to park in the garage, but you’ll still have the convenience of walking to your DTW terminal.

Each off-site Detroit Airport parking facility is located near the airport. Compare Detroit Airport shuttle routes and distances to each parking facility.

DTW has a parking garage near each terminal. The Green Lot provides shuttle service to the side of each terminal.

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When you visit any of these parking facilities, you will be told which row you need to park at the time of check-in. This allows you to find a parking spot much faster and expedite your shuttle pick-up process.

When you park in the Green Lot or in the McNamara Terminal and North Terminal parking garages, you cannot move to an adjacent parking spot. Usually, you can get a parking space after two minutes. However, when demand for parking is high and spaces are limited, finding parking can become a problem, especially during the holidays.

You may be thinking, “If I stay at an off-site facility, it will take longer to get to the Detroit airport.” Actually, it is not so!

Short Term Parking At Detroit Metro Airport

When you arrive, you will be directed to park in a specific queue. When you park, the shuttle is notified of your parking location so they can pick you up quickly. Board the shuttle for the short 5-minute ride to Detroit Airport curbside. After being dropped off, you just need to take the elevator to walk to the DTW terminals.

Dtw Is A Complete Mess. Mcnamara Terminal Parking Is Completely Full, Both Long And Short Term. Only Parking Available Is Over A Mile Away At Evan’s Terminal. 30 Minute Wait So Far

However, if you park in the Detroit Airport parking garage, you will have to walk from your vehicle to the terminal. However, depending on where you park, you may have to walk a few feet or a few hundred feet to get inside the terminal.

You can reserve parking at Detroit Airport’s off-site parking operators. By making a reservation, you lock in your lowest rate and guarantee your parking availability.

Detroit Airport currently does not offer parking reservations for its parking garages/lots. If you wish to park at these facilities, you will be able to find a space on a first-come, first-served basis.

Of course, we believe you can simply park at any off-site parking facility and enjoy lower parking fees and faster service. If you’ll be parking at the Detroit Airport soon, compare rates and services so you can get the best possible experience.

Detroit Metro Airport (dtw), Map, Flights, Parking And Terminal Guide

We hope you enjoyed our Detroit airport parking fee guide. Here’s a Detroit airport map to help navigate your journey.

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