Valentine Day Decorating Ideas For Home

Valentine Day Decorating Ideas For Home – Love is in the air, and there’s nothing like spending a relaxing Valentine’s Day at home. Check out these cute ideas to make your home more festive without spending a lot of money.

My 3 daughters love Valentine’s Day, so we usually make it a family celebration. I love decorating for the day and making our home cozy and special for my girls. This year I decorated our dining room with things on hand and some simple DIYs for a warm, romantic look.

Valentine Day Decorating Ideas For Home

Valentine Day Decorating Ideas For Home

This blog post is part of the Seasonal Blog. Be sure to check out all the other Valentine’s Day decorating ideas from my blogging friends linked at the bottom of this post!

Valentines Home Decor Diy Ideas

Here are some DIY Valentine’s Day decorating ideas so you can create a similar, cozy look in your home this month. All of these crafts are easy to create, and you can use supplies from the dollar store, thrift stores, or whatever you have on hand. These DIY decoration ideas can be used to create a festive dining room look for your family, a festive day or a children’s party.

Heart shaped items are always a great way to create a room decorated for Valentine’s Day and this DIY pillow is so cute and fluffy!

Candles always make a space cozy and special. To create a romantic centerpiece for your table decorations, find a tray and fill it with sparkling votive holders. I used some bird glass holders and vintage rose glassware I had on hand. You can also use recycled jars for this display. Place artificial greenery around the holders, place tea lights in the holders, light candles and enjoy the glow!

Christmas trees don’t just have to be for Christmas! When my daughters and I decided we wanted to enjoy the glow of our dining room tree for a while, I added some Valentine’s Day themed decorations to turn it into a Valentine tree. I kept it subtle with pink heart tiles from the dollar store, DIY fabric peonies and white feathers.

Adorable But Simple Valentine’s Day Decorations Ideas

Flowers are always a wonderful addition to a room, and making a beautiful artificial flower arrangement is very easy! I love using this pack of fake peonies from Amazon. Use a wire cutter to separate each peony, then place 5-7 flowers in a tall glass vase. You can add real or fake water to the vase for a more realistic look.

If you have leftover paint, you can add plaster of paris to the paint to create a beautifully textured medium. With a wooden canvas frame from the dollar store, use paint to create textured heart art for your wall or closet! Click here for the full tutorial for this textured heart wall art.

I put my DIY heart on our sideboard and added a stack of paper-wrapped books. These are very easy to make and you can even use letter stickers to personalize them even more!

Valentine Day Decorating Ideas For Home

Dollarama often has these heart-shaped bowls, and you can customize them with some nail polish for a watercolor effect! To make them, apply a little soft pink nail polish to the bottom of the pan and let it dry. You can customize the bowl with vinyl lettering like I did, or leave it as is. They are so pretty to add to a shelf or table for Valentine’s Day. Alternatively, you can coat the bowls with a food-safe coating and use them to hold candy for the kids!

The Best Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas

I hope you enjoyed these Valentine’s Day decorating ideas! Here’s what our dining room looks like for Valentine’s Day. I love the subtle pink colors, the soft glow of the candles and the warmth of the wood. My girls love this place, I love the cozy atmosphere we’ve created, and I can’t wait to enjoy family dinners here this month!

Hey, I’m Christina Dennis, the creative force behind DIY Moms. I’m all about inexpensive DIYs and decorating ideas to make your space sparkle. Let’s create homes that bring us joy, one project at a time! ­čîčValentine’s Day 2021 is only a week away, so I might as well post these Valentine’s Day decoration ideas before it’s too late, right? I always share all my decorating ideas on Instagram, so be sure to follow along here! Sometimes I don’t have time to publish an entire blog post. But the Valentine’s Day decorations were so cool this year that I definitely wanted to document it a bit more.

These little conversation hearts were also a good buy this year. I also used them on the Christmas tree for Valentine’s Day.

What I love most about decorating for Valentine’s Day is how simple it is. A few heart garlands here, a little candy heart there and you’re done!

Diy Decor Ideas For Valentine’s Day Celebration With Bae

For the kitchen, I used two heart wreaths on my cabinets. These are new from Target this year (they always have the perfect Valentine’s Day decorations). I added a small heart wreath that I found on the stove last year.

Now, my favorite decorative item I got this year is this Target Gumball Machine! These are from the Dollar Spot and were only $3! They were red and I sprayed pink. They are very cute and can be used in many places. I hope next year Target brings it back.

And fell in love with my dishes. I had to take these target recipes to heart, they are melanin and can be used all year round.

Valentine Day Decorating Ideas For Home

My Valentine Tree! This is the first time I’ve held up one of my Christmas tree trees for Valentine’s Day, I don’t have many decorations on it, but it’s still a very cute idea. Also, you can keep the Christmas tree a little longer.

Home Date Night Ideas For Valentine’s Day And Beyond

I chose white wood because I thought it would be the background for all the pink and red cuts. Red is not one of my favorite colors, but in this case and in small amounts, I think it looks pretty sweet.

However, heart-shaped pillows and a heart wreath on the mantel may be all you need. You can go big or simple with Valentine’s Day.

I decided to go big this year lol! I used heart shaped balloons to decorate the fireplace and create a focal point.

Balloons are an inexpensive way to decorate, but they make a big impact. If you are planning a Galentine party, you can create a beautiful backdrop for it with balloons.

A Cookie Decorating Party And Simple Valentine’s Day Home D├ęcor

Obviously, I chose pink balloons that go well with my decor. It turned out very well! What do you think? Yes, we ship from the USA! Free Shipping in the Continental United States and Free Returns in the US!

Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year, undoubtedly, is when we shower our loved ones with cards, chocolates and celebrate the unique bond we share with them. It’s definitely a beautiful time of year, especially as our homes are decorated for the holidays! From floral arrangements to pretty pink gifts, decorating for Valentine’s Day adds a pop of color to the grays of winter.

Love is in the air and it’s high time to add a touch of playful romance to our homes with fun decorations. One of the most exciting things about home decor for sweethearts is that you can easily extend their life beyond Valentine’s Day. This year is the time to be more creative and be encouraged to implement some of our decorating ideas from the comfort of your own home.

Valentine Day Decorating Ideas For Home

Candles will always be a top choice when decorating for Valentine’s Day, and why not? They diffuse a soft light in homes that are perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere. Although plain white can be an eyesore, you can opt for beautiful candles by tying a sparkly ribbon around the candle in a neat bow. You can seal each one with a cupid charm or heart and display them on the tables. How about arranging tea lights and small candles of different sizes between each vase for a bright, colorful display on the dining room table? You might consider filling the space around them with pretty romantic candle holders.

Simple Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas For A Cozy Home

For those with an interest in art, it’s time to freshen up those empty walls with some long overdue decor. There are many love-themed pieces to style your home for this season. These wall art ideas are always a gift that you can’t go wrong with. Hearts in many different shapes can look great on a wall. How about showing “love” on the walls? You can quickly adapt this idea to keep the home decor going beyond a one-day celebration. We all need powerful reminders of how blessed we are to be surrounded by people we care about. Turn these unique love letters into stunning, framed artwork and viola! You have a lovely Valentine’s Day gift that can easily be passed down from generation to generation!

Introducing Key Holder! It is a decorative, functional work of art

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