Short Term Apartment Rental Tokyo

Short Term Apartment Rental Tokyo – Short-term rentals are a great option if you need a place to stay while apartment hunting in Tokyo. In general, furnished apartments in Tokyo are very expensive for what you get, so we don’t recommend them for long stays. If you’re coming to Japan to live and work for a year or more, you’ll get better value by renting an unfurnished apartment and buying your own furniture and appliances.

However, if you plan to stay in Japan for less than 1 year, living in a furnished short-term rental is a cheaper option for you. Most long-term rental contracts in Japan are 2 years, and if you stay for less than 1 year, there is a 1-month cancellation fee. Also, unlike rentals in the US, rental apartments in Japan are rarely furnished and never come with furniture, so housing costs are high.

Short Term Apartment Rental Tokyo

Short Term Apartment Rental Tokyo

From the day you start looking, it takes 4-6 weeks to find and move into an apartment in Tokyo. In most cases, you will not be able to start your search until you arrive in Japan due to the required documents. For this reason, we recommend booking a short-term furnished rental for at least the first month of your stay in Japan, and two months if you don’t want to rush.

What Makes Reliable To Choose Tokyo Furnished Short Term Holiday Vacation Apartments Rentals? By Erooms Plus

We recommend it for customers with a moderate budget who want to spend ¥200,000 per month (about US$460 per week).

Properties in this range charge between ¥110,000 and ¥250,000 per month (including utilities) and a one-time cleaning fee of around ¥30,000.

JAPT’s furnished apartments are the best value we’ve found in Tokyo and are in several convenient locations. Each suite has a kitchenette and the simple but comfortable furnishings make for a more immersive experience than the cut-and-paste style of a business hotel. There are English speaking staff and you can view all their apartments here.

This short-term rental and business hotel chain provider originated in Hyogo in 1998 and has since expanded nationwide. Their monthly apartments in central Tokyo range from ¥135,000 to ¥835, with ¥500 a month for a studio apartment averaging ¥195,000 (including utilities). There is an additional one-time cleaning and convenience fee of around ¥35,000.

Serviced Apartments & Apartments Rentals In Tokyo

Live Max offers apartments in various styles – luxury, premium, best, standard, smart and resort, to suit a wide range of tastes and budgets. The Live Max website currently only offers machine translation, but don’t let that put you off! Their office is staffed by friendly English speaking staff who are happy to assist you. Call 0120-713-860 and tell them your requirements.

If it were a short-term rental listing for any other country, there’s a good chance Airbnb would be number one. Unfortunately, since the introduction of stricter private accommodation laws in 2018, the number of Airbnbs in Japan has dropped dramatically and prices are not as competitive as before.

Self-catering (whole house, not shared) central Tokyo Airbnb stays range from ¥165,000 to ¥3,000,000,000+ per month, with 2-3 person apartments averaging ¥250,000 per month. . Airbnbs are still very popular with tourists, and unless you book early, you may have trouble booking more than a week or two at a time.

Short Term Apartment Rental Tokyo

Although new private accommodation laws mean that all Airbnbs are now registered, owners are usually individuals rather than companies. This has both advantages and disadvantages, so it is something to consider while booking. Of course, the great thing about Airbnb is that it’s guaranteed to feel like home, and if you have a friendly host, they’ll help you settle into your new life in Tokyo. We probably don’t need to tell you the website, but just in case, it’s

Furnished Apartment, Guest House And Shared House In Tokyo

We hope you find this article useful. If you’re looking for an apartment in Tokyo, check out our main site for expat-friendly listings! Tokyo’s cityscape is vast and varied, from the ultra-modern, ultra-modern neighborhoods around Shibuya to the old-school, timeless. Neighborhoods of Asakusa. Whether you’re planning a vacation or an extended stay in Tokyo, it’s a good idea to explore many aspects of Tokyo. You never know what’s out there! In our Hidden Gems series, we sift through our listings to bring you unique listings featuring some of Tokyo’s lesser-known neighborhoods!

Today we are highlighting a 1K Furnished Apartment in Taito Ward, Tokyo. Taito Ward may be the smallest ward in terms of area, but wards like Ueno and Asakusa offer plenty to see and do in the area (click the links to access the relevant ward guides for more information) ! Our feature today is hosted by Yadoya (a bilingual real estate broker based in Taito Ward), who also has other unique short-term apartment listings on our site, so check out her apartments on our website!

This cozy and comfortable apartment can be found in the Negishi neighborhood of Taito Ward and is only a 6-minute walk from Iriya Station. Iria is located northeast of Uno’s main entertainment district. Being in the shadow of this major transportation hub, this neighborhood has a more local flavor. Due to its proximity to shopping malls, entertainment venues, and multiple transportation options from the station itself and from Ueno, Iriya ranks high in terms of livability and convenience.

All these factors make for a livable neighborhood away from the tourist hotspots, but close enough to walk to various attractions around Ueno and Asakusa! From Iriya Station, you can travel across the city to Shinjuku in just 25 minutes!

Tokyo: Affordable Or Too Pricey For Expats?

This is a recently built (2016) 1K condo with a loft for extra space! It’s a very simple and stress-free process when all the fixtures and furniture are taken care of and you’re ready to move! Indeed, such a setup is an ideal student apartment! There are several Japanese language schools around Nippori and Ueno, and this location allows students to get there quickly!

While many studio apartments in Tokyo come with en-suite bathrooms (combined bathrooms where the toilet, sink and tub are in one waterless room to save space), this apartment has a bathroom and laundry room in separate rooms. A separate bathroom and washing/toilet area is a very desirable feature in a Japanese studio apartment.

A loft gives you a little extra space for storage or as a cozy reading nook!

Short Term Apartment Rental Tokyo

Although the kitchen may not look unusual for a Tokyo studio apartment, there is plenty of drawer space for pots and pans. This is a big help for home cooks! Anyone who lives in a small Japanese kitchen will tell you: lack of space often leads to more sleep (and more money in the wallet), because dealing with a cramped kitchen can be frustrating.

Recommended Apartments And Dormitories In Tokyo And Kyoto For Foreign Exchange Students And Groups

The neighborhood of Iria has a calm and peaceful demeanor. But Ueno is about a 10-15 minute walk away. This major urban transport hub is constantly crowded with people. Quick access to such a big station is very useful for getting around Tokyo. Photo: Stock photo from iStock

Nearby Ueno Park gives residents a place to stretch their legs and take in a variety of attractions, including Shinobazu Pond, Ueno Zoo, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art. Ueno is a popular destination for many Tokyoites and the streets are full of cheap eats!

To truly complete your Tokyo experience, Asakusa’s deep-rooted traditional Tokyo vibe is the perfect balance to Ueno’s modern pace. Asakusa The oldest temple in Tokyo: Sensoji. This landmark attracts many local and international tourists and you will find many unique shops around this historic part of Tokyo.

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Please note that there is only limited storage space inside the cupboard as we have cleaning products, spare sheets and other items.

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Short Term Apartment Rental Tokyo

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