Outside Graduation Party Decorating Ideas

Outside Graduation Party Decorating Ideas – Planning a graduation party this year? Here are 31 of the best graduation party ideas in 2022 that every graduate will love.

The Class of 2022 does not have junior year and senior year events. I can’t imagine how disappointing that would be, so I hope these graduation party ideas can end the school year on a high note!

Outside Graduation Party Decorating Ideas

Outside Graduation Party Decorating Ideas

When planning your graduation party, there’s no need to stress if you follow these ideas for the best graduation party 2022.

Graduation Inspiration From Mint Event Design

If you only need one outfit for your graduation party, this is it!! Balloon garlands are the trendiest decoration for any party.

There are tons of kits on Amazon to make these decorations look professional (but really easy to do)!

I love a beautiful dessert table at any party, but how appropriate is it for graduation? This printable makes a cute chalkboard sign super easy and doesn’t require any actual writing 😉

This is a sentimental party decoration that family and friends will love! Sorry grades, the worst is on full display!

Tropical Chic Graduation Party

This beautiful welcome sign is the perfect way to welcome guests to your party. I love chalkboards because you can use them over and over again for different parties and events.

Donut walls are all over Pinterest right now and I’m here for it! Amazon has so many cute options and I love these gold letters.

Let’s face it, the best reason to have a graduation party is the cards… or what’s on the cards 😉

Outside Graduation Party Decorating Ideas

This catalog collects all your school photos, certificates, university letters and trophies. A beautiful cork board to pin everything to is the perfect addition to this display table.

Graduation Party Backdrop Banner Black And Gold Indonesia

I love this cork board (not just for the gold accent) because it has to sit on the table!

My best friend had a polaroid guest book at her graduation party and it was so much fun. The camera was passed around the party, and everyone left great messages and advice from the book.

Decorating an outdoor space can be difficult, so I love how these lights and string lights tie the table decor together.

Having a taco or nacho bar is great, perfect for when you’re catering to many guests.

Indoor And Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas

I think it’s so sweet to have something especially delicious to send home with your guests.

Your graduation must have “2022”. It’s a big festive year and everyone should know it!

I love these rose gold balloons because they are so cute and beautiful. A balloon kit on Amazon makes the perfect photo backdrop.

Outside Graduation Party Decorating Ideas

More popcorn!! Instead of sending your guests home, make it a snack option at the party.

The 31 Best 2022 Graduation Party Ideas

Popcorn comes in a variety of flavors, so depending on how many guests you have, you can make it into a large popcorn bar or smaller ones.

These centerpieces are so cute and cozy, especially if you have a ton of tables to decorate. You can add these little symbols to a floral arrangement or to the tissue paper jar shown in the picture.

You know grad parties come with lots of gifts, which means lots of thank you notes. Save your guests some time by giving them an envelope of their own.

I love this party entry, it’s so fun and exciting! You can change the balloons to your college or high school colors and incorporate those colors throughout the party.

Amazon.com: Blue Gold 2023 Graduation Decorations Blue Gold Congrats Grad Banner Class Of 2023 Blue Graduation Party Decorations Backdrop For High School College Graduation Party Supplies Indoor Outdoor

This globe decoration is very beautiful and sweet. Many graduates have done this Dr. A book used as party decor inspiration.

If you have these two drink providers, you can have a few different drink options and everyone will be satisfied!

You’ll definitely need to get one from a local bakery or store, but this cake topper would be a great addition to any graduation cake.

Outside Graduation Party Decorating Ideas

I love these ideas for graduation parties because it gives guests something to do. I think this station will be very popular with older guests, there is a lot of knowledge to share!

Awesome Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas

This view is amazing!! I would definitely look into renting these large marquee letters from a local company, but you can always buy them on Amazon or Etsy!

Banners are a cute and easy decoration for any party! I love this because it sounds like a personal message from a parent to a graduate.

Like I said before, it’s been a great year for graduation, keep it up!! Think New Years, but 2022 decorations.

Cupcakes are so much easier than cake when you have a crowd, so I love this cupcake tower. It makes a big statement and you can reuse this dish for different parties and events.

Congrats Grad Class Of 2023 Outdoor Lawn Decor,graduation

These confetti balloons are very popular now and look very cute. You can use them anywhere in your party, but I love how they set the table with them.

I love this s’mores station for graduation parties because it’s so unique and makes a great summer dinner.

This ladder display trend is a lot of fun, especially with a more rustic theme. It is very versatile, you can add photos, food, flowers or drinks to this scene.

Outside Graduation Party Decorating Ideas

I’ve seen these “punny” candy labels all over Pinterest, but these are so cute!

Graduation Decoration Ideas

Show how much fun your party will be with these super cute invitations. I love the play on words and you can customize the tassel to any color!

I love how this party incorporates photos everywhere – an entire wall of large square photos, a collage of Polaroids, photos on the table, etc. It truly personalizes and engages and entertains guests. And be sure to throw in those embarrassing middle school photos…aren’t they always a hit?

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Stay inspired with weekly home renovation updates, our favorite home finds, and exclusive emails delivered to your inbox. Graduation ceremonies are often held in the backyard. Use these backyard graduation party ideas to kick off a successful graduation party. Find more graduation party planning ideas using the Ultimate Graduation Party Ideas Planning Guide.

Preschool Graduation Party

Take your graduation party to the next level with some of these backyard graduation party decorations – party pinwheels, banners, balloons, tablecloths, plates, napkins and plastic items – in every school color. Find it all here!

Make life easier for yourself by setting up a couple of food stations or a food bar for guests to help themselves.

Use these backyard party ideas to compliment your child’s style, celebrate who they are, and wish them well as they move on to the next chapter in their lives!

Outside Graduation Party Decorating Ideas

Welcome guests to the Grad Party with a chalkboard sign! Chalkboard signs can be displayed near buffet food tables, dessert tables, gift tables, or yard games.

The Best Graduation Party Ideas To Celebrate Grads Of Any Age

Create an attractive beverage station for guests using pre-made beverage beverage containers. No need to cater to guests’ beverage needs.

These graduation party printable decorations are fun to use. Create the ultimate graduation party by using these graduation party printables to decorate the party! Includes grade banners, signs, table centerpieces, chocolate bar signs and more!

Create the ultimate backyard lighting fixture using these string light poles. They are great to use not only for your graduation ceremony but also for your backyard parties.

Outdoor String Lights – 100 feet of outdoor lights for backyard parties. Use these string lights on poles above to create magical outdoor lighting.

Graduation Party Tips

A hot dog or hamburger bar is a great way to help guests enjoy a great backyard meal. Create a fun scene and add side dishes to the table!

Create the ultimate graduation party candy bar with these clever printable signs! Includes fun candy symbols like class rings, budworms, and oFISHally graduates.

No matter what sporting event you attended in high school, there were always walking tacos to pass through the concession stand. It’s more perfect to serve at a graduation party than to create a walking taco bar!

Outside Graduation Party Decorating Ideas

Do you have a backyard pool? Create the ultimate graduation pool sign using these giant floating letters – love this idea!

Best Graduation Balloon Decoration Ideas

A graduation party tent is almost essential for a graduation party. Weather can be unpredictable and it may be necessary to keep guests away from intense sunlight during rain or on a hot day. Decorate with balloons or paper lanterns in school colors for a festive atmosphere!

No summer graduation party is complete without a beautiful fruit and vegetable bar for guests! A great alternative to traditional fruit salad.

This graduation banner can be used to create a dessert buffet backdrop, hang from a fence, or hang from a patio ceiling!

Close to food

Graduation Centerpiece Ideas

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