Job Opportunities For Russian Speakers

Job Opportunities For Russian Speakers – The Russian economy has gradually changed from a planned economy to a market-oriented economy. It has abundant natural resources, especially oil and natural gas. As of 2021, it is the fifth largest economy in Europe, the eleventh largest in the world in terms of nominal GDP, and the sixth largest in terms of purchasing power parity.

Labor law in Russia is set out in the Russian Labor Code of 2002. Employment contracts must be in writing. The Russian Labor Code states that there are three main types of contracts:

Job Opportunities For Russian Speakers

Job Opportunities For Russian Speakers

Free text employment contract – Most current contracts do not include a specific period of validity, but have a termination clause;

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Fixed-term employment contract – the contract is valid for up to five years and ends only if the temporary employee is offered a permanent contract;

The average working week in Russia is 40 hours and employees must work a maximum of 50 hours per week. Full-time employees are entitled to a minimum of 28 days of annual leave. In addition, it is allowed for public holidays in Russia.

Private health insurance in Russia. Although everyone has the right to government healthcare in Russia, the quality of services is not always good, so you may want to take out private coverage to get the best care.

Unemployment and accident insurance in Russia. Again, the level of government benefits may not be sufficient, so the policy should be considered to ensure that you have sufficient funds if you become unemployed.

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Russian supplementary pension. All employees in Russia are given the option of paid work or private retirement schemes to supplement the national state pension. Your employer should give you the details.

It is possible to find a job in Russia if you don’t speak the language because there are English-speaking jobs and foreign-speaking jobs. However, these tend to be low-level jobs. Sometimes, multinational and international jobs hire senior employees who do not speak Russian, but you will greatly improve your chances of being hired if you have good knowledge of the Russian language.

All foreign citizens who wish to work in Russia must obtain a work permit. The Russian Federal Migration Service issues the work permits you need before applying for a work visa. Most foreigners need a visa to work in Russia, but there are exceptions:

Job Opportunities For Russian Speakers

The salary in Russia starts at 52,000 rubles, which is equivalent to 860 US dollars. Russia is a low cost of living country. It is priced at approximately less than $300. As Finnish companies return to new Russian markets, the demand for Russian-speaking employees increases. Not only is the private sector interested in the language skills of potential employees, it is also interested in tapping into the potential network of Russian speakers that can be made abroad, said Marie Taverni, project coordinator of Trade and Development Company Tredia in Tampere.

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“Russians and Estonians also bring their own connections to this work. When they work in a company, they can bring the kinds of skills that Russian-speaking Finns don’t need.”

Russian speakers who are also fluent in Finnish are in demand in sectors such as IT and healthcare.

“If we consider marketing jobs, employers need communication specialists while programmers are needed for the information and communication technology (ICT) sector,” Taverni explained.

“The health care sector will need practical nurses as well as professionals for various types of sales jobs because health tourism is growing,” he added.

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About 1,500 residents of Tampere speak Russian as their mother tongue. In addition, Russian-speaking Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians are also found in the area.

Tourism is booming in Finnish Lapland, but the industry is facing increasing questions about its treatment of foreign workers.

Local newspaper Salon Sodon Sanomat published a photo on Tuesday showing the small gray memorial with the words “Slava Ukraine” in black and red. We care about those close to us and our family. We want to have only trustworthy people close to us that we can trust.

Job Opportunities For Russian Speakers

I moved with my family to Canada a few years ago. Here I work in a non-profit organization funded by the Government of Canada. This helps the migrant children to adapt to the new environment. I am currently at home on childcare leave.

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First of all, people immigrated to Toronto, Ontario. Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal are also popular cities. In big cities, there are more opportunities for self-realization and job opportunities, but the competition is higher.,,,, — popular Canadian job search sites in all provinces. On the site, you search for a specific position and compare salaries. This is an English platform, for Russian speakers there are many Facebook groups.

The chances of getting a job increase if you have a good level of English. This is one of the selection criteria. Not all provinces have companies that hire people who do not know the language.

The hiring process depends on how prepared the person is after the transfer. If you’re willing to work anywhere, it’s easy to find. It should be understood that competition in Canada is high because of English-speaking foreigners. It is important to clearly understand the opportunities and take the research question seriously. Get ready to lower the bar.

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A work visa is a work permit in Canada. One way I know is to visit corporate sessions. It is mostly made in Europe. For candidates, there are certain requirements such as professional level and language. If you are eligible, you will be given a job offer, for which you will apply for a work visa.

Also, after studying in Canada on a study visa, you can open a work visa. Then, based on experience, it will be easier to migrate. There is another way to search for remote work in your country. But the chances of working this way are slim.

In Canada, wages are paid in full and on time. Specialists are valued here, taking into account experience and knowledge. No one underestimates a person’s abilities and skills. In Canada, any job is a job. Remuneration may be appropriate. There is a minimum wage below which your employer may not pay you for your work.

Job Opportunities For Russian Speakers

There are no job titles, and people are hired through letters of recommendation from previous employers. This is an important feature to consider while hiring.

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I have lived in Canada with my family for more than a few years, and we immigrated here after living in Poland. I am self-employed. We have created an information portal about immigration. In cooperation with the authors, we help evaluate opportunities to move to other countries, talk about daily life, job search, medicine, education, and other important aspects of life abroad. country.

Toronto and Vancouver remain the most popular cities to immigrate to and work in, even though these two cities are the most expensive to live in Canada. But recently small cities and provinces, such as New Brunswick, have become popular.

Vacancies for Russian speakers can be found on the websites of Canadian Russian publications, as well as in Facebook communities. If a person knows English, you can search many sites in Canada, for example, Monster. There is also an official government job search website – JobBank.

My team and I are enumerating some of the steps an immigrant must take to work in Canada. It is important that the applicant is in or outside of Canada. Imagine that a person is looking for a job, and is sitting in his own province. In simple terms it looks like this: Pass the language test and certification, Find an employer, Get a job offer, Get an employer LMIA, Get a work permit and work visa in Canada, Go in Canada to work.

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The main advantage is having LMIA. The employer is obliged to fill the vacant position with local employees before hiring a foreign specialist. If he cannot find a suitable Canadian, a foreigner may be appointed. The employer sent evidence to the authorities that he “looked for but did not find” and the authorities released a document called an LMIA. In cooperation with LMIA, the work permit was approved.

The first advantage of working in Canada is the high salary for all specialists without exception. The second is to respect everyone. Not only IT specialists are valued here, but also ordinary workers such as welders and locksmiths. They also receive high salaries. The third advantage is the possibility of obtaining permanent residency and citizenship in the future.

Marina Garvey, Hometown – Odessa, Ukraine, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Admissions and Support for International Students, CEO @marcus.educate.canada

Job Opportunities For Russian Speakers

Our family lives in Canada in Toronto since 2009. I work as an immigration consultant. The main specialization of our company is education in Canada and immigration through education.

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For those who have not arrived in Canada, it is difficult to find a job. Only a remote IT specialist or truck driver can find work. Some professionals are more focused on immigration. Then find a job in Canada.

The work permit depends on your residence status in the country. If you have a study permit for post-secondary education at a designated educational institution, you can work up to 20 hours per week, without restrictions.

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