Overseas Jobs For Retired Police Officers

Overseas Jobs For Retired Police Officers – Born in Te Awamutu, New Zealand, John Scott grew up in Napier on the island’s east coast. He joined the New Zealand Air Force in 1971 at the age of 18. He soon moved to the New Zealand Police in Auckland, where “there was never a dull moment”, he says.

Five years later, he took advantage of the Police Officers Program, which allowed him to work abroad in Europe for nine months. This created a yen for world travel.

Overseas Jobs For Retired Police Officers

Overseas Jobs For Retired Police Officers

“I’ve always been interested in Vancouver,” he says.

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How does the police in Canada compare to New Zealand? “I was a first-time gun guy, but I saw more guns in New Zealand than in Vancouver,” John recalls.

After receiving citizenship in 1980, John joined the RCMP. His first post was in Stony Plain, Alberta. It was here that she met and married Dennis in 1986.

As John’s career progressed, he was posted to several other locations in Western Canada. In Edmonton, he joined the serious crimes unit. He then traveled to Cardston, Alberta, between the US border and the Blood Tribe Reservation. Terrace, British Columbia, where he became an expert in forensic identification.

He is a member of V.S. In 1847 he commanded the Chetwynd Detachment, and later became Watch Commander at Prince George, Staff Sgt. In 2004, John was appointed as an appellate judge in Regina, with responsibility for the three Prairie provinces, the Regina Depot division and two regions. In 2009, he led leadership training at the RCMP Pacific Regional Training Center in Chilliwack.

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In 2007, John’s career took him overseas for 14 months as a peacekeeper in East Timor. One of six Canadian police officers in the 1,500-strong peacekeeping force, John served as United Nations chief of staff for logistics, professional standards, manpower and training.

“There was a fierce confrontation there,” he recalls. As police peacekeepers, we were armed. The United Nations has assigned a security officer to our residence.

John Scott (left) with Major Alire Denny Keane of the South Sudan Police Service and a member of the Police Inspection Team.

Overseas Jobs For Retired Police Officers

In 2012, a few months after the country gained independence, John joined another peacekeeping mission in South Sudan. From the capital, Juba, he traveled extensively with a team of South Sudanese police officers to complete an inspection of government operations.

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In addition to violence, malaria, typhoid and heat were constant threats. Travel often requires occasional helicopter flights. Mines were always taken care of. Sometimes children’s feet slip while chasing the ball at school.

John said: “That place was terrible. “Two hours after meeting with the major general in charge of Eastern Equatoria State, he was ambushed and killed on the way,” John recalls. And while overseeing police operations, he had to hide from raids by the notorious terrorist organization, the Lord’s Resistance Army.

Nine months after this mission ended, John returned to South Sudan, this time working with the UK to develop professional standards for the South Sudan National Police.

At this point, South Sudan was even more dangerous. “One morning I ran to the police station on the outskirts of Juba. The police had left and the men in military uniform were pointing guns at me. “I knew a man there, and he allowed me to escape back to the camp,” he says.

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“One can hear the constant firing of AK-47s, machine guns, RPGs and tanks. The airport has reopened after being closed for three weeks. “They evacuated us, leaving the local people behind.”

John Scott (right), Chief of United Nations Police Headquarters, Timor-Leste, presenting the Policia Nacional de Timor-Leste registration certificate to Sub-Inspector Carlos Montes Maia, 2008.

Friends of the South Sudanese police helped arrange an airport escort for the evacuation. There he saw corpses piled up on the side of the road.

Overseas Jobs For Retired Police Officers

In 1964, the group moved to a DC-9 purchased by Air Canada. John returned to South Sudan in 2014. This trip was cut short by conflict and John retired. But it won’t last long.

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– When I retired, I got bored, and after two years I had a lot of fun. Even a vacation to Europe could not satisfy John’s desire to do something. So he returned to work in 2018, this time at Affairs Canada in Chilliwack. After six years at VAC, he retired permanently in 2022.

Today, John B. Satisfies his thirst for adventure by running half marathons. And New Zealand. Travel plans to Africa and South America have been delayed due to Covid. This year, John and his wife plan to visit New Zealand and Australia to meet their daughter Justine and their first grandchild. Another daughter, Stephanie, serves in the RCMP and son Sean has applied to join the Mounties. Both want to be peacemakers one day.

As a two-time retiree, John admits he wasn’t ready the first time. “Everyone is different, but at 70, I have to work this time. I worked at VAC for six years and talked to a lot of people. I learned a lot.”

John believes there is no universal formula to follow for every veteran. “It’s important to learn as much as possible about all available rights.” She recommends that those approaching discharge search the Affairs Canada website for supports that meet their specific needs: for example, PTSD treatment, special health care benefits or career transitions.

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South Sudan Police Inspection Team Kajok, South Sudan, 2012. From left: Major Alire Denny Keane, RCMP Inspector John Scott, Major Riziek Moto (now deceased), Warrap State Prison Warden (in white) and Lt. Com. Andrews.

If you or someone you know is struggling with the transition to life after service, check out our website for services related to mental and physical health, finances, education, or work, housing, and home life. We also provide services to families and carers who support us.

Who are you when you leave the Canadian Armed Forces? Serving in the Canadian Armed Forces is unlike any other job. When you join the military, you immediately find a family – hundreds of brothers and sisters working together. This experience changed your life.

Overseas Jobs For Retired Police Officers

Veteran Howard Elson Presents Freedom Program An injury sustained while serving our country did not stop Mr. Elson from taking control of his own destiny.

Writing Trevor Osman

Lieutenant (N) (Ret) Emily Letourneau Since her release in 2017, Emily Letourneau has learned that despite a common misconception, she too has the right to call herself a veteran. Jordanian authorities are offering security services to retired soldiers at the World Cup in Qatar later this year, local media reported.

According to The National, an advertisement on Ammon News shows that Jordan’s Security Directorate has advertised for ex-servicemen under the age of 45.

“A number of military retirees are being considered for policing duties at the World Cup in collaboration with the sister nation of Qatar,” the ad said, adding that “field and operational experience is a must.”

The move is seen as an attempt by Jordan to strengthen ties with host country Qatar and boost Amman’s regional profile.

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Qatar is going to host the first ever FIFA World Cup in the Middle East in November. Preparations for the stadiums have been completed, and officials are now ratifying security agreements with countries around the world.

Last week, Turkey’s CBRN chief announced his country was ready to deploy chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) personnel during a major sporting event.

“We support CBRN defense in Qatar through the command of the Turkish Armed Forces. We will participate in CBRN defense in Qatar,” said Burchak Kabuk.

Overseas Jobs For Retired Police Officers

“In other words, if you’ve been exposed to a chemical agent or biological warfare, the first thing you need to do is identify and diagnose. Once properly identified, chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear agents must be removed from the human body, objects, and environment.

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“We are continuing our studies both at home and abroad,” he said. In this area, the department trains various domestic firefighters, municipalities and universities abroad.

“We train the fire department of the Nigerian Ministry of Interior. “We trained the Libyan team last week.”

The Interior Ministries of Qatar and Turkey have already signed an agreement to join forces to organize the much-anticipated major event. One such effort includes Turkey’s participation in the security organization for the 2022 World Cup.

In December, Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu announced that his country would temporarily send 3,250 security personnel to Qatar for the sports event.

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During the tournament, there are 3,000 riot police, 100 Turkish special forces, 50 bomb-detecting dogs and their handlers, 50 bomb experts and other personnel.

Soylu added

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