Farmhouse Style Dining Room Sets

Farmhouse Style Dining Room Sets – No matter where you are, redecorating allows you to change your atmosphere. Case in point: You don’t need to own a farm to enjoy the warm, charming decor of a country home. From weathered wood tables to inviting spindle-back chairs, nothing says cozy home like a farmhouse dining room.

Here’s how to incorporate the residential charm and cozy atmosphere of farmhouse style into your dining room like a pro.

Farmhouse Style Dining Room Sets

Farmhouse Style Dining Room Sets

A true farmhouse filled with fresh air and plenty of natural light. Keep things light and airy with golden wood details, bright white walls, lots of windows and exquisite details.

Get Ready For Holiday Entertaining

If your home lacks natural light, paint your walls a warm white paint, which will brighten your space and mimic the sun’s rays.

Living on a farm inevitably involves using as many ingredients inside the house as outside. This dining room showcases the perfect combination of wood, iron and brass.

There is nothing more fascinating than a piece of work that has been passed down from generation to generation. This dining set gives this modern space the old-world charm that only antiques can have.

Modern farmhouse style dining room chairs often have traditional design construction using sturdy materials like solid wood. Spindle-back chairs like the one in this room are classic farmhouse decor. A black finish is paired with a classic iron dining room light fixture, while white shiplap is used on the walls to create a farmhouse feel.

Modern French Farmhouse Tables For Every Budget

This design style usually centers around a table and can be incorporated into a modern or rustic style. Your local thrift store or flea market is a great place to buy a farmhouse table. Look for pieces with a naturally weathered effect, or try DIY projects that mimic a similar look.

When redesigning your space, consider balancing modern elements like stocking, subway tile or floating shelves with farmhouse influences like industrial lighting and reclaimed wood.

The finishing touches make a difference in any room. While farmhouse style may be at the heart of the design, textural elements take the look to new heights. Exposed wood beams, a tiered table setting, long curtains, upholstered seating and an assortment of fresh flowers make this restaurant effortlessly blend comfort and sophistication.

Farmhouse Style Dining Room Sets

Farmhouse decorating can be done in a variety of ways, creating a completely unique look in each setting. While some may choose to build their farmhouse in rainbow colors, this achromatic approach proves to be just as gorgeous. The black and white palette paired with wood accents proves chic, but it is still rustic at its heart.

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Ideas

We’re big fans of formal dining rooms, but this kitchen setup is what farmhouse decorating dreams are made of. The contrast between the white marble countertops and the industrial-style stools is appealing—exactly what farmhouse style is designed to do. Don’t even get us started on the amazing colors of the cabinets.

While we love the bright, airy farmhouse lifestyle, this dark and moody dining room is competing with the brighter spaces. The dark green on the walls and ceiling pairs perfectly with the rich oak dining table.

We love how a fresh coat of paint transforms the spindle back chairs into a fresh addition to the farmhouse style room. The powder blue paint is an unexpected finishing touch that ties the entire restaurant together.

When searching flea markets and thrift stores, don’t get too obsessed with finding items that are part of the trend. This dining room proves that mismatched items can still look cohesive in a room.

Farmhouse Dining Table Ideas

If you are lucky enough to have exposed beams in your dining room, give them the attention they deserve. Stain them dark or paint the ceiling white for contrast. If you don’t currently have exposed beams, just call a contractor.

If there’s ever a right time to showcase earth tones, it’s in a farmhouse setting. This gorgeous dining room is filled with earthy tones and materials including wood, twine and concrete, and the result is a rustic retreat.

Using mismatched chairs at the dining table is a classic farmhouse move. We love that this room has two chairs in the same golden wood tone. It feels cohesive, but not quite unified. Match your table and chairs with dining room wall decor to complement the modern farmhouse theme, like this simple white accessory that lets the centerpiece steal the show.

Farmhouse Style Dining Room Sets

The Achilles heel of unnecessary farmhouse style is probably hanging right above your table. Most homes come with a pre-installed ceiling fan in their dining room, but switching to a simple wrought iron fixture can make all the difference. In modern farmhouses, dining room lighting often features rustic-style pendants with different textures, such as metal or worn wood paired with warm bulbs.

Simple Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Updates

The beauty of farmhouse style is its eclectic undertones, which encourage a mix of textures and shapes. The chandelier in the dining room that hangs above the table usually comes in a luxurious shell design, but this rope version is equally charming and looks right at home in this farmhouse-style room.

We love the natural materials commonly found in farmhouse decor, but don’t forget to offset wood, steel and metal with textiles. Full curtains, cushions on the seats, round rugs and overhead lighting make the space feel more inviting.

A mile-long dining table is gorgeous, but never underestimate what a dining table for four can do for your space. It creates the perfect vignette for an intimate meal without sacrificing style.

No farmhouse room is complete without greenery or fresh fruit on the dining table. Even if you live in a bustling city, it gives the illusion of a farm-to-table lifestyle.

Magnussen Home Bronwyn Dining 6 Piece Farmhouse Dining Table Set With Bench

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