Craigslist Seattle Cars For Sale By Owner

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It’s not mine. I was browsing today and saw this comment on Craigslist. I’ve seen this car on eBay before. And I think someone else posted this on Craigslist earlier. Just sharing!

Craigslist Seattle Cars For Sale By Owner

Craigslist Seattle Cars For Sale By Owner

Beautiful and very clean 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser with air conditioning. The color is Factory Tan and there are no scratches, dings or scratches. The interior is equipped with original seats.

Another Harrowing Escape Puts Attention On Open Prostitution Along Seattle’s Aurora Avenue

The same images have been posted on craigslist scam ads across the country for the past few months, always at the highest price.

Yes. I saw this when it was on eBay a couple of months ago. Super humble soldier. I just don’t want anyone to get scammed.

This is 100% scam. I followed him and got an email with the typical send us your money – he offered to meet in person and disappeared.

Same post on Sacramento craigslist 2 weeks ago….I contacted you via text and wanted to give you my email for more details….lol

Criminals Use Washington License Plates To Conceal Cars Used In Crimes

In this day and age, if you get cheated on, you deserve it. At least you’ll know. Last week we went through the classifications in Las Vegas, Nevada. This time we continue what the smaller German has in the north to the Rhine.

Reno is a very elegant city nestled in the foothills of the High Eastern Sierra, not far from such majestic outdoor glories as Lake Tahoe, and a seemingly endless geography of breathtaking mountain peaks. Much of it can be accessed via US Route 395, which stretches all the way to the Mojave Desert in southern California.

Reno is a gambling and lifestyle hotbed, draws people from all over the United States, and despite its small metropolitan area, has some cool vehicles currently for sale on Craigslist. Due to the altitude and elevation of the surrounding villages, there are many other vehicles and four-wheelers for sale, many in good condition. Here are a few things we thought were worth noting.

Craigslist Seattle Cars For Sale By Owner

And as always, there are highlights: The Garage’s “Five Under Five” highlights five cars under $5,000 in a specific geographic area. The idea is to keep a finger on the pulse and provide some context about the current state of what’s on Craigslist. We do not know these sellers and have not seen any of these cars in person. We only share them as they appear in the ad, so break out your wallet at your own risk!

Craigslist Find Of The Decade: 940,000 Mile ’95 Honda Civic

I like the D2 Audi A8/S8, and this looks like a very nice example, especially for under $5000. The mileage is a bit high, but the owner seems to have taken great care of it. They explain that it was the last generation before the flagship A8 became more complex and laden with electronics, and has been a daily driver for 10 years.

The D2 is a true German car in the style of its predecessor. I bet it’s a great cruiser too – especially with the 4.2-liter V8 under the hood – and probably has a good time in the snow even with its Quattro all-wheel drive.

This service can be tricky and expensive, so DIYers are likely to be put off and later find that the exterior and interior parts are a bit heavy. However, given that it has been lovingly maintained, this is far less likely than someone picking it up in exceptional mechanical condition.

Although this early 2000s Camry was only front-wheel drive, it’s still a solid all-around choice because it’s mostly indestructible, has a fuel-efficient 2.2-liter four-cylinder under the hood, and a roomy seat. It could do for a larger commuter and/or domestic commuter, and fitting winter rims and tires would probably be a bargain due to the common size wheels and tires – just look at those sidewalls.

Craiglist To Charge A Fee To List Your Car — Hemmings Online Car Sales Site Coming Soon

The mileage is low, but then again, Toyotas of this vintage are pretty solid and probably very cheap to maintain. Parts availability never flows so you can’t throw a rock into any American metropolitan area without breaking a windshield. The owner appears to have done some maintenance recently, and it looks very clean both inside and out for its age and mileage.

Like the Toyota, this Ford is a common fixture throughout the United States, so it’s probably not very expensive to install. Especially in the case of this model, which looks clean and well maintained. The interior is a little worn, but otherwise looks great.

This could be family transport, a potential work vehicle or really any type of daily driver. Plus, it’s all-terrain ready with true four-wheel drive, making it a great plan for long-distance transportation.

Craigslist Seattle Cars For Sale By Owner

And this is cool: a 1982 VW Rabbit pickup. Well, the listing is a little vague, but it looks like the seller has it covered

Creepy Craigslist Ad Seeks Women To Cruise The Chicago Restaurant Scene

To have a good head, the dreams and aspirations of the old water-cooled VW start to come together. Make sure you pull extra long.

It takes a little imagination, but lovingly imagine one of them restored to a fine example of modern German physicality. The seller owns the engine, but personally, I’d trade it for something a little livelier, like the 1.8T from the Mk4 GTI/GLI.

This Outback appears to be in very clean condition for its mileage and age. It also seems that some new service should have been started. Like other powerful four-wheelers, this would be great for traversing snow-covered mountain roads on your way to the trails, slopes anywhere, and it even has a roof rack ready to hold a ton of gear.

The price seems a little low, or maybe it’s just my assumption that Subaru pricing needs an adjustment. Regardless, it’s definitely worth exploring.

Used Cars For Sale In Renton, Wa Under $4,000

You probably won’t be buying the exact cars at these past showrooms, but they still give you a sense of what kind of hardware is available in different corners of the United States. Finding cheap used cars is really hard these days. It’s harder than ever to find top ten vehicles at an affordable price, especially if all you have to spend is $5,000. But they’re still out there, and we found five in Seattle that might fit the bill for variety. needs, ranging from super-supply to premium cars, family, recreational and utility choices.

Seattle is full of the best hate. Sometimes looking for a car in different parts of the country can prove difficult, but finding a choice of cars here was more about preparation than looking for flashbacks. Here are five of the most iconic vehicles.

Please note that reading this is harmless – there are no VIN or email checks with the seller, so true condition is detected at face value. If one of them looks attractive and can bring a pre-purchase review, get rid of it. Plus, check out some Seattle Craigslist hardware under $5,000.

Craigslist Seattle Cars For Sale By Owner

For a family hauler, this 2007 Honda Odyssey fits the bill. This generation of the Odyssey minivan boasts pure vacuum inside the vehicle, but the top-of-the-line Touring model is the van I’ve actually put a lot of miles on. It’s incredibly comfortable, quiet, spacious and fuel-efficient.

Buyers Beware’ When Online Scammers Say They Are At Malmstrom > Malmstrom Air Force Base > Article Display

This example has some history, with newer parts such as shocks, rear struts, belts and pulleys, and a new AC system. Two caveats are that the AC system was never charged after the repair and that there is serious paint damage above the windshield. If the seller believed in the AC function (which… maybe), charging is not too expensive. For $5,000, this might be the most spacious family vehicle you can buy without breaking $5,000 a year on gas.

Fuel efficiency is highly valued, especially when gas prices have skyrocketed. But fuel economy doesn’t have to come at the expense of fun, because this 1998 Honda Civic HX should be a lot of fun while being ridiculously efficient, especially since

These Civics are well built, reliable, lightweight and handle incredibly well the right way. This has a long list of maintenance going into 2021 and 2022, including new armor, grappling, and general tunes. At 180,000 miles it barely started and the engine needed to run for a while.

It remains to counter his makeup. Cleans the world decently, but has some flaws, while the interior is the most beautiful part of the car.

Dude, Where’s My Catalytic Converter? Probably Back In The Supply Chain

A good word for the Japanese preaching of smaller SUVs is becoming something of a theme in these Five Under Five posts. Although the Toyota 4Runner and Tacoma stole the rest (deservedly so), we’d be remiss to exclude the lesser-known Nissan Pathfinder. the majority

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