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Loker Jobstreet Express – KBRN, Yogyakarta: Providing job opportunities is a challenge that needs to be addressed today, especially DIY as a tourist town with a growing working age population.

The Regional Government noted that the population of DIY reached 3,668,719 people, with a percentage of the working age population reaching 70.04%.

Loker Jobstreet Express

Loker Jobstreet Express

“This number shows a common challenge in terms of providing job opportunities. Positively, the increase in DIY tourism in 2023 will also boost the demand for manpower, especially in the creative economy, good dealing and hospitality sectors,” said the head of JobStreet Express. Woon Hann Khoo, in a press statement, Thursday (20/7/2023).

Daftar Aplikasi Lowongan Kerja Terpercaya Di Indonesia

Responding to this need, Woon Hann Khoo said, JobStreet Express, part of JobStreet by SEEK, Indonesia’s leading job search technology, will be present at the Job Fair held at Transmart Maguwo, Yogyakarta on July 13-15, 2023.

His presence is part of a strategy to introduce the JobStreet Express service to match companies with semi-skilled workers to improve Human Resources (HR) in different regions of Indonesia.

Woon Hann Khoo revealed that the post-pandemic economy, especially the potential for job vacancies in and around Yogyakarta from various industry sectors, is growing.

“We try to respond to this by helping job seekers find jobs according to their industry, on the other hand, employers also have the right and fast candidates,” said Woon Hann Khoo, in a statement of the statement, on Thursday (20/7) . /2023).

Melawan Perbudakan Modern: Menghentikan Penipuan Lowongan Kerja Demi Pasar Kerja Yang Lebih Aman

The challenge of providing job opportunities is also the focus of JobStreet Express to attend the Yogyakarta area, so Jobstreet Express participated in the Job Fair held on July 13-15, 2023 and was attended by more than 3,000 job seekers.

So far, various company partners from different industries have joined the JobStreet Express platform, from the hospitality industry, tourism industry to creative industries in different regions of Indonesia.

Some of these include Hotel Tentrem Yogyakarta, Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta, Sumberwatu Heritage Group, PT Agrinesia Raya (Bakpia Kukus Tugu), Kawan Lama Group and many more.

Loker Jobstreet Express

The presence of JobStreet Express with more than 20,000 corporate partners in Bali, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Surabaya is expected to help the government’s program to overcome the unemployment rate, which is still at 7.99 million people until February 2023.

Loker Bali, J&t Express Buka Lowongan Staff Hr Legal

With the easy recruitment process offered by JobStreet Express, job seekers can apply for various vacancies on a single portal quickly, securely and for free until the end of 2023, without additional fees.

The steps of JobStreet Express in developing its platform in D.I.Yogyakarta cannot be separated from the success of cooperation with various parties such as government institutions, business associations, communities, private companies and the public.

This series of collaborations is JobStreet Express’ effort to fulfill its mission to help job seekers with semi-skilled work skills continue to be productive and help companies from various industries through a platform.

“The joint efforts of JobStreet Express in different cities, especially Yogyakarta, is our commitment to increase the working age workforce to 70%, where we open opportunities to increase job vacancies to help to reduce the unemployment rate in Indonesia,” said Woon Hann Khoo.

Job Matching Bersama Jobstreet Express

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