Ways To Make Presentation Interactive

Ways To Make Presentation Interactive – PowerPoint presentations are not usually known for being attractive or interactive. This is often because most people read their slides as notes, not as a tool to enhance their message.

Your presentation slides are here to bring the story you’re telling to life. They are there to provide visuals and encourage your speech.

Ways To Make Presentation Interactive

Ways To Make Presentation Interactive

So how do you avoid the presentation snoozefest and ensure you have an engaging and interactive presentation instead? Use your slides to help tell your story, rather than using them as flash cards to read.

Presentation Topic Ideas Help You Hook Your Audience

The important thing to remember is that your introduction should complement your speech, not the focus.

In this article, we will review several presentation tips and tricks to become a storytelling powerhouse by building a powerful and engaging PowerPoint presentation.

Before we dive into the tips and tricks to add efficiency to your presentations and create effective presentations, it’s important to get the basics of the presentation right.

Your PowerPoint presentation is intended to complement your message and the story you are telling. Before you organize your slides, you need to identify the aim of your speech and the key points you want your audience to remember.

Creating Interactive Business Presentations

You and your speech are the focus of this presentation, not the slides – use your PowerPoint to support your story.

Remember that your slides are meant to add to your speech, not distract from it. Using too much text in your slides can distract and confuse your audience. Instead, use a relevant photo with minimal text that says, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

This slide is not unusual, but it is not a visual aid, it is like an “eye chart”.

Ways To Make Presentation Interactive

Consider your audience, background, and aesthetic when designing your presentation. You will want to get rid of the default clip art and chess graphics on your slides.

How To Make An Interactive Powerpoint In 3 Easy Steps

As you present, make sure you control the presentation and the class by turning around, drawing attention to you and what you are saying. You should remain still from time to time when referring to a slide, but never turn your back to your audience to read your slide.

Most current presenters use no less than twenty-eight points, and even Steve Jobs was known to use no less than forty point text fonts.

If you can’t comfortably fit all the text on your slide using a size 28 font, and instead of trying to say too much and crowding the slide, remember tip #1.4 – use relevant images instead and include bullets.

Your presentation job is to help convey information as efficiently and clearly as possible. The theme and design remain consistent while allowing the information and images to stand out.

Tips And Tricks To Make Google Slides Presentation Look Good

However, by changing the design from slide to slide, you and the information being conveyed on the slide will become confusing and distracting.

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Each slide should try to represent a topic or talking point. The aim is to keep the focus on your speech, and by using a slide for each talking point, you will make it easier for you to prepare, and it will also make it easier for your audience to follow along with th speech

Ways To Make Presentation Interactive

Sometimes when creating our presentation, we can often get in our heads and try to over-explain. The easiest way to avoid this is to follow the “rule of three” created by the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle.

Presentation Topic Ideas For Students [plus Templates]

The idea is to stick to just 3 main ideas that will help you make your point. To explain further, each idea can be divided into 3 parts. The best modern example of this “Rule of Three” can be found in the great Apple presentations given by Steve Jobs – they were always structured around the “Rule of Three”.

If you plan to include text in your slides, try to avoid bullet points and use one slide per sentence. Keep it short and concise. This best practice focuses on the idea that simple messages are easier to remember. Also, each slide can follow the path of your story by introducing the audience to each concept as you speak, rather than listing everything in advance.

It’s great to know how to turn your text into lights or how to create a transition with flash effects, but the reality is that the focus should be on the message. Using basic transitions or no transitions will allow the content of your presentation to stand out more than the graphics.

If you plan to use animations, make sure you use modern and professional animations that help the audience follow the story you’re telling, such as when explaining a time series or changing events over time .

How To Make Presentations Interactive In 2024

Maybe you have a great chart, picture or phrase you want to add, but it’s important to ask yourself the following question as you create each slide.

Firstly, you shouldn’t have so much text on your slides. If you have to read something, prepare some index cards that will fit in your hand, but by all means, don’t turn your back to your audience and read your PowerPoint. The moment you do that, you defocus the presentation, and you lose the audience as a presenter.

At least before you make a fatal approach; Distributing recordings of your presentation can cause listeners to skim over the recording and ignore what you are saying.

Ways To Make Presentation Interactive

It’s easy for them to take your slides out of context without understanding the meaning behind each slide. It is fine to hand out a copy of the presentation, but it is generally best to hand out the copies after you have given your talk. If you decide to share a copy of your presentation, the best way to do so is to generate a QR code and place it at the end of your presentation. People who want a copy can scan it and download it to their phone.

Ways To Create An Interactive Presentation That Stands Out

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When elaborating on a particularly important topic that requires a long explanation, it’s a good idea to fade the slider to black. This removes the distractions from the screen and refocuses you on your current speaker. Some presentation tools have a built-in black screen button, but if not, you can always prepare for this by adding a black side to your presentation.

Part of making your presentation interesting is using all the tools to get your point across. Changing the pitch and tone of your voice while you’re presenting can help make your content and points more memorable and engaging.

One simple and powerful way to make your presentation interactive is to have experts discuss a specific topic during your presentation. This helps create a more engaging presentation and gives you the ability to facilitate and lead a conversation about your topic.

Best Interactive Powerpoint Templates (how To Make An Interactive Ppt) 2024

It is best to prepare some questions for your panel, but it is also good to answer questions from the audience in a question and answer format.

What if I asked you to think of a pink elephant? You probably think of a pink elephant in short, right?

Asking questions during your presentation helps engage the audience, and stimulates interest and curiosity. It has the added benefit of making people pay attention even if they are called.

Ways To Make Presentation Interactive

So don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if they are rhetorical; Asking questions engages a different part of our brain. Instead of taking the information one way, it makes us reflect. So ask a lot of them.

How To Make An Interactive Powerpoint Presentation: An Expert Guide (free Downloadable Playbook)

(Steve Jobs was known to ask questions during his presentation, building suspense by asking the audience, “Is there room for a device between a mobile phone and a laptop?” before showing the iPad on this slide.) Source: MacWorld SF 2018

Remember that the purpose of your presentation is to convey a message, and even if you are a presenter, it is a good idea to use video in your PowerPoint to enhance your presentation. Relevant video will give you some breathing time to prepare the next slides while still informing the audience at a specific point.

Warning: Make sure you test the video beforehand and that your audience can hear it in the room.

A popular engagement tool among presenters is the use of live polling tools to engage the audience and gather immediate feedback.

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Using a live polling tool is a fun and interactive way to engage your audience in real time and keep them engaged during your presentation.

Google Slides has an integrated Q&A feature that allows presenters to make their slide decks more interactive by answering questions from the audience. Using the Q&A feature in Google Slides, presenters can start a live Q&A session and people can ask questions directly from their devices.

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