Visit The Galapagos Islands Travel

Visit The Galapagos Islands Travel – From the incredible diversity of wildlife to the sunny shores, discover this incredible island with our Galapagos tours.

Ecuador and Galapagos Cruise 10 Days | 16 Days with Peru Add-on 4.7 out of 5 stars 261 From $5509* $4909* View Tour View Tour

Visit The Galapagos Islands Travel

Visit The Galapagos Islands Travel

Ecuador and Galapagos Cruise: San Cristobal – Santa Cruz10 days | 16 Days with Peru Add-on 4.9 out of 5 stars 7 Out of 5 $479* $4,879* View Tour View Tour

Everything You Need To Know To Visit The Galápagos Islands

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This was the best nature adventure ever and the historical aspects were equally amazing. The Galapagos cruise was the best part. It was non-stop hiking, diving and exploring untouched wilderness with an intimate small group.

Our tour guide Juan Carlos Rivera was by far the best tour director we have ever had on our many trips. The Galapagos Islands were absolutely magnificent. The accommodation on board, food and crew were fantastic. Lots of activities where you will never get bored.

Things To Do In The Galapagos Islands & Tips For Your Visit

Our trip to the Galapagos was amazing! We learned a lot about Ecuadorian culture, flora and fauna! Our tour director, naturalists, and Legend crew were professional, kind, and caring, helping to make our entire experience once in a lifetime!

Our team of experts makes it easy to plan your trip to the Galapagos so you can enjoy your trip!

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Visit The Galapagos Islands Travel

Your tour includes hotels, breakfast daily and other selected meals, comfortable transportation, an experienced tour director, guided tours and more.

How To Visit The Galapagos Islands On A Budget. Our 8 Day Trip Cost

Your local tour director will meet you and your group on the first day, and be your go-to person for the best sites, flavors and stories of the region.

Our trips to the Galapagos are one of our best tropical trips, and maybe that’s because it’s beautiful all year round. If you want to enjoy warm, sandy beaches, summer is the time for you. If you’re more interested in exploring large lava flows or watching nesting seabirds, you might want to consider our Galapagos winter tours.

As you embark on your journey to the Galapagos Islands, you will encounter all sorts of interesting animals. The Galapagos are home to land iguanas, marine iguanas, giant tortoises, finches, frigatebirds, sea lions, penguins, blue-footed tit, all kinds of fish and more. In fact,  here are 9 animals that you will only find in the Galapagos.

With a group, of course! Group tours to the Galapagos Islands mean that all the planning is done for you, so all you have to do is have a great time.

On A Trip To The Galápagos Islands, Class Is In Session

Our Galapagos Island tour packages are packed with exciting activities like diving with sea turtles, island hopping and exploring mangrove swamps. Each of our Galapagos tours has experienced guides who can teach you everything you want to know about the history and culture. The inspiration for the young Charles Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection, the Galapagos Islands are home to the largest number of unique terrestrial and marine species in the entire world, all descended from land animals and adapted over time to thrive on these volcanic islands off the coast. of Ecuador. For divers, snorkelers, snorkelers and general wildlife enthusiasts, there really is no better place to get up close and personal with all the different birds, sharks, rays, turtles, tortoises, fish and iguanas. And despite its popularity among travelers, the Galapagos still remains raw and unspoiled, an unspoiled environment closely guarded by pollution and over-commercialization, and even large crowds.

Without a doubt, visiting the Galapagos is an amazing experience, but one that often has the reputation of being incredibly expensive and therefore out of reach for many travelers. In reality, it’s entirely possible to experience the best of the Galapagos on a shoestring budget by building your own land route. This guide contains absolutely everything you need to know to plan a self-budget trip to the Galapagos, including when to visit, how to get there, how to travel between islands, where to stay, how to book tours, what things cost, and more!

The Galapagos Islands are a group of 13 large, 6 smaller and countless smaller volcanic islands approximately 1,000 km off the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean, the oldest of which was formed nearly 4 million years ago. In addition to being the first UNESCO World Heritage Site, around 98% of the Galapagos archipelago is a protected national park; this is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, with each island having a variety of unique flora and fauna, so the opportunities to explore are truly endless.

Visit The Galapagos Islands Travel

Of the 13 main islands, only 4 welcome overnight visitors, so this guide will focus mainly on these islands, in addition to recommending some uninhabited islands that can be visited on a day trip with a naturalist guide. Read on to discover why an overland route is the best option!

Requisitos Para Viajar A Galápagos En 2024

The Galapagos have long been a popular cruise destination for honeymooners or serious divers, with dozens of ships offering 4-10 day sailings to multiple islands, many of which are only accessible by tour. You can find some amazing packages that include all your food and activities, but expect to pay thousands of dollars for the experience.

As much as I would absolutely love to explore the Galapagos from a boat, it is expensive for a budget traveler – but luckily that’s not the only way to travel to the Galapagos!

Land trips to the Galapagos Islands have really gained popularity in recent years as more and more travelers try to avoid the $5,000 price tag of a cruise and create their own island hopping itinerary. Basically, this involves staying in a hotel on one or more islands and spending the day exploring on your own or on organized day trips from popular nearby islands. The good news is that this way you can see HEAPS, you’ll be more flexible and independent, and you can do it all for $1-2,000 over 8 days, depending on how many tours you want to join.

The Galapagos Islands experience two seasons: a wet, warmer season from December to June and a dry, cooler season from July to November.

Can You Visit The Galapagos Islands Without A Tour?

Both water temperatures and underwater visibility can be better in the rainy season, and although the rain is more consistent, it is usually only in the afternoon and can be easily avoided. In addition, it rains even during the dry season!

On the other hand, a good wetsuit and smart dive/dive selection can easily alleviate seasonal concerns about water temperature and visibility. I had a great time in September in my 7mm suit and didn’t have to contend with many afternoon showers at all. Also remember that a “cold” season doesn’t actually mean it will be

On the islands— the air temperature does not vary more than a few degrees throughout the year, hovering comfortably between 20-30C most of the time. Basically, the weather probably won’t be a factor in dictating when you visit.

Visit The Galapagos Islands Travel

Despite varying weather conditions throughout the year, the Galapagos are definitely a year-round destination, with different months offering better opportunities to see certain animals, but each month boasts an abundance of wildlife. If it’s something special that brings you to the Galapagos, like diving with whale sharks or giant manta rays, then you’ll need to plan around their migration or breeding patterns, but if you’re just coming to see the crowds.

An Expert’s Guide To Visiting The Galápagos Islands

High season in the Galapagos is from November to March and June to August, so visiting outside of these times, especially around September and October, will ensure fewer crowds, better tour availability and even lower accommodation prices. Airfare can also drop during these off-peak periods, and since this is the biggest expense for an overland trip to the Galapagos, it can be a deciding factor when you go.

Any visitor to the Galapagos will travel through mainland Ecuador, either flying from Quito or Guayaquil to the islands on an approximately 2-hour flight. LATAM, TAME and Avianca operate daily flights from the mainland to Baltra (GPS), which is the main airport for the islands near Santa Cruz and the route I would recommend for most people. Note that this airport is also called Seymour, so just make sure the airport code has GPS.

There is also a small airport in San Cristobal (SCI) and this can be a good option for those planning time on the island, but if you are only visiting Santa Cruz, Isabela or Floreana, Baltra (GPS) makes a lot of sense and is usually cheaper.

Residents of Ecuador are entitled to a cheaper airfare to the Galapagos, but I have heard of several cases where third-party booking sites mistakenly sold those cheaper tickets to foreigners, who then have to pay the difference (usually $150) upon arrival at the airport. .

Galapagos Travel Itineraries: How To Make The Most Of Your Time

To avoid such surprises, it is best to buy your flight ticket directly through

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