English Pronunciation For Spanish Speakers

English Pronunciation For Spanish Speakers – The same letters and combinations of letters are always pronounced the same way. You don’t get a surprise like ‘peer’ and ‘spear’.

All you have to do is learn some rules and say letters and letters. Trust me, it won’t take long and you can read it immediately after reading this article.

English Pronunciation For Spanish Speakers

English Pronunciation For Spanish Speakers

The alphabet has 27 letters, one more than English. Do you know the next letter?

Common Challenges Spanish English


Although there are 27 letters, there are many sounds because some letters when combined can produce different sounds.

Here I will just post a simple map, with IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) words, and then I will explain its letter.

As you can see, most letters have only one sound. Some have two or three, but always in the same letter together.

Open Your Oers: I’m All Ears By Jorge González Casanova

Now let’s look at all the articles and their details. I show them in two groups: vowels and consonants.

You make words by letting your breath out of your mouth, don’t close your throat or touch the upper lip with the bottom.

There are only five syllables and, as you can see in the syllable above, they correspond to five syllables:

English Pronunciation For Spanish Speakers

All the words you learn are also in English, so you won’t have much trouble with them.

Spanish Accent In English Tips

In , you don’t have to worry about the position of the vowel to complete the pronunciation correctly because it is always the same regardless of location.

Note that the vowels are short. In English you have long and short, but all vowels are short, even if there is a sign for them. You just have to advertise them to be strong, but not for long.

Listen to the audio below to hear the incorrect use of the phrase le digas que la quiero (“don’t tell him I love him”):

English speakers tend to replace weak words with the “schwa” sound. What is that? Say ‘balloon’. The first sound you make is ‘schwa’, written as /ə/.

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A good example of this is the word amigo. Many English speakers actually pronounce this as ‘uh-mee-go’, while English speakers always say ‘ah-mee-go’.

A sound that is in a ‘weak position’ in a word can fall into a pronunciation error. Another example is the word pelota, which can be pronounced “puh-loh-tah” by an English speaker. Instead, it should be pronounced with a long sound: “peh-loh-tah.”

As ow (rhyming with “line”) or e as ei (rhyming with “pay”), especially at the end of a word or in a syllable.

English Pronunciation For Spanish Speakers

These words appear as one letter and have a special pronunciation compared to the same letters you are used to in English.

Adios, Accent Correcting English Pronunciation Problems Of Spanish Speakers Vo..

These two letters have the same sound, but the sound changes depending on whether they are in a word.

When these letters are alone or are pronounced after a pause or after a nasal consonant /m, n/, you pronounce them as /b/. In this case, the sound “b” is softer than in English, and does not “crack” or remove the air from your mouth.

If b or v is between two sounds, they always have the /β/ sound. In this second, a little air comes out of your mouth.

A similar thing happens with the letter ‘d’. Depending on the position it is pronounced differently.

Tips For Perfect English Pronunciation: English Pronunciation Mastery For Spanish Speakers

If you don’t make this distinction, you will be understood, but ordinary listeners will know that you are not a speaker.

In Latin America, the Canary Islands and some parts of Andalusia there is no difference between the letters.

This letter can have two syllables. You can pronounce it as [g] or [γ], depending on its position in a word.

English Pronunciation For Spanish Speakers

At the beginning of someone’s speech, say after a pause or after a nasal consonant, you hear and say a [g]. As in the English word ‘very good’.

English Pronunciation For Spanish Speakers Pdf

Between two sounds it is always [γ]. Stick your tongue out of the roof of your mouth, as if you want to remove something there.

This letter is pronounced the same as the English ‘h’, but is raspier. In phonetic transcription it is written as /x/.

This sound does not exist in English. If you know French or Italian, it is similar to the combination ‘gn’. In phonetic transcription you see it as /ɲ/

Never said. It is pronounced in English as the letter ‘k’ or ‘ck’, as in ‘sock’ or ‘make’.

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It is difficult. You can say it two ways. When it appears in the middle of a word, it is pronounced like the letter “r” in “water” in American English, but when it appears at the beginning of a word literally, he will do it.

Keep your mouth relaxed and your tongue vibrating. Trust me, it’s just a matter of practice. If you don’t have a cleft palate, you can say it.

There are also two statements. You can pronounce it with a /w/ sound like in English “whiskey” or “Hawaii” or with a /b/ sound in some words.

English Pronunciation For Spanish Speakers

This is also a trilled “r” sound as a letter at the beginning of a word. If you want to learn how to say it, read: How to say R and RR

How To Teach English To Spanish Speakers: 19 Must Have Tips

Combinations of letters in Latin America are pronounced with the sound / ʝ / the same as numbers

Let me show you all the sounds that are compared to English sounds. This way you can see sounds that do not exist in English and know that it will take some time to master them.

I will show you five words that are easy to say, as well as some words that may be difficult for English speakers.

How did it go? Is it difficult or are you smart? People who can sing well learn foreign languages ​​faster, but if you hear well, it’s still possible. It just takes more time. A tongue twister can help you reach your goals faster!

World’s Most Complete Spanish Pronunciation Guide [+audio]

If you want to say difficult words, check out How to Say 10 Difficult Words [with sounds!].

If your spelling is good, check out Royal’s Ortografía de la Lengua Española (spelling in language) or this guide by philologist Tomás Navarro Tomás.

Remember, learning to speak is all about constant practice. If you don’t know how to pronounce a word, visit the Forvo dictionary, where you can hear the words spoken by real people – and even choose the voice.

English Pronunciation For Spanish Speakers

Working on your voice is important to your future. It’s true that to travel and make yourself understood, you don’t have to sound like Gael García Bernal or Salma Hayek. But to get a good job as a translator or bilingual teacher, education is necessary. Translators and interpreters are in the top five largest occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and opportunities are expected to increase.

English Pronunciation Spanish Speakers Consonant Sounds

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English Pronunciation For Spanish Speakers

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