Apartments For Rent Near Davis Ca

Apartments For Rent Near Davis Ca – Welcome home to Renaissance Park! Our location in Davis allows you to stay comfortable and sophisticated while exploring the vibrant and active culture of South Davis. The best equipment, the services you need, and the perfect location allow you to do all the urban activities you want without ruining the peace and tranquility. As a resident of Davis, the beautiful scenery, thoughtfulness and exceptional service will make every day enjoyable Check out our gallery and schedule your appointment or come and visit us for your personal tour today!

2 bed, 2 bath, 837 sq. ft. $600 deposit for Mondavi Call, No.

Apartments For Rent Near Davis Ca

Apartments For Rent Near Davis Ca

Renaissance Park is a unit located in Yolo County and has the 95618 zip code. The district is served by the Davis Joint Unified Attendant District

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The sunny and leafy city of Davis is known as a college town – it is, of course, the University of California, Davis. This beautiful city is full of folk art and murals – it even has bicycles Cycling is big here – it’s considered a platinum city for cycling by Cycling Magazine, has many bike paths and cycle routes, and is home to the Cycling Hall of Fame.

Davis isn’t just popular with UC Davis students This beautiful city has many parks, farmers markets, and many festivals and events, making it a great choice – especially for travelers to Sacramento, which is only 11 miles from Davis. The city of Davis celebrates its centennial in 2017 – be sure to take a tour of this historic city after you leave Davis.

Renaissance Park is located 9 minutes or 3.8 miles from UC Davis It is also near Sacramento City College and Sacramento State

School information provided by GreatSchools GreatSchools Reviews helps parents compare schools in a state based on multiple school rankings and provides a comprehensive picture of each. The school serves all its students Evaluations are based on a scale of 1 (below average) to 10 (above average) and may include test scores, college readiness, academic performance, course stress, integrity, discipline and attendance record. We also encourage parents to visit schools, consider other information on school performance and programs, and consider family needs as part of school selection.

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Transportation options available in Davis include 8th and Capitol, located 12.7 miles from Renaissance Park. Renaissance Park is located near Sacramento International, 21.0 miles or 30 minutes away.

Ravenshaw Park has 3 shops within 1.6 miles, which is about 4 minutes. Miles and minutes will be for the most distant objects

Ravensburg Park has 5 parks within 15.4 miles including the Discovery Center, UC Davis Arboretum and California Raptor Center.

Apartments For Rent Near Davis Ca

Renaissance Park is 22.3 miles from McClellan Air Force Base and convenient to other military bases, including Travis Air Force Base.

East St #527, Davis, Ca 95616

Each neighborhood features a rating posted on a 5-star scale This property includes a building evaluation to determine the average score of tenants and the overall composite score for this property.

Building evaluations are based on community characteristics, including building design, construction, exterior space, and materials. To learn more about Costar Home Appraisal, see our guide here

My friend who stayed here last year also referred to it as Barbati Park Apartments. The house is old and the renovation of the furniture seems to have only been painted in white furniture, carpets and the flooring has been improved. However, the room’s sound insulation is not good, and the floor is so thin that people on the second floor will feel uncomfortable even if they walk normally. Many unexpected things happen here The first day I walked in, I asked a representative if the heating system uses electricity or gas, and I got the answer by electricity, so I didn’t create a gas account with PG&E. After the end of November, I turned on the heater and it didn’t work at all, when I asked to have my heater fixed, the repairman responded quickly and told me that PG&E should use natural gas for heating. (I must say that group editing is a real responsibility). Well, the apartment rep doesn’t know how to operate the heater Also, if you really want to make it your home, don’t pay by check or online I tried paying my rent with online payment the first month, I made sure I had enough money in my account, and I checked the routing number and other information both times before sending, a week later, I said an email. I didn’t pay, and I thought maybe I entered the wrong number into the system, then I checked it more than a week ago, it still hasn’t gone through, and I have to pay with a money order. Another time I tried to pay with a check and they told me they wouldn’t take it because I “upset” them. Astounded I pay my PG&E bill with online transactions, I pay my past due rent with a check, and they work perfectly but not just Renaissance Park Apartments, plus, they accuse you of being “DISHONORED”. I agree to adjust the group management and it will be fine now Would not recommend this apartment as your home

Flats are expensive and very old Isolation and water are 2 major problems in their house All the furniture is very old Very poor management and supervision. They always try to argue not to request maintenance Has anyone been here for over a year? I want to go after 2 weeks

Apartments For Rent In Davis, Ca Near Central Park

The water shuts off at least 10 times a year, many times without warning They sometimes don’t say when they give notice of their trip The office is very disorganized with new employees and lost information This site allows you to use their renter’s insurance if you don’t like what you have Has anyone been here for over a year? The only benefit to this place is that it is a busy place

Administration and Maintenance: It took more than a month for them to process our application I usually hear back within 24 hours if not an hour We anxiously waited to see if they would approve us as all the other apartments in Davis were full and they were sitting on our $500 hold. It’s almost as if this is a ploy to get us to shop elsewhere so they can keep our deposit and rent to someone else. Finally we agreed and went inside. I couldn’t find my house key because the outside light was on I was informed by maintenance that they only fix the lights when a certain number of people leave. They just sent a letter saying we can’t store our bikes on the outside porch, which is really annoying seeing as Davis and how bike theft is there. To make it even sweeter they have created a bike safe to lock our bikes They also offer bike lockers for $15 a month Alas, the bike lockers are nowhere to be found unless you’re near the clubhouse, and the bike lockers seem to know where to get your bike. During fall/winter season they cover the lower level with flood water and the upper level with dry mud which is fun to slide. For the price they charge I really don’t understand why this place looks like part of the third world around the club house. Conclusion: I think I would prefer to live on campus or near campus if I didn’t have a dog with me After my lease is up I will definitely look for an alternative from another management company I do not recommend this place if you want peace, quiet, easy and cheap If you are in a hurry to find a home before the quarter starts and you want a place that is pet friendly, I think you can settle for Renaissance Park. The maintenance guy was nice and got the job done quickly, but like I said with the outside lights, flood, nails, and pine needles – he can’t do everything floating around the place. Note: They increase the price every year This time it was over $100. Not looking forward to it, but I’m looking forward to it

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Apartments For Rent Near Davis Ca

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