Schools In Hong Kong For Expats

Schools In Hong Kong For Expats – For most immigrant families, their child’s education will be one of their top priorities, no matter where in the world they are. Since Hong Kong is home to expats from all over the world, it is no surprise that there are dozens of international schools from various countries and teaching curricula in different languages. But parents often ask us whether higher education institutions in the UK or US, for example, respect international schools.

As Hong Kong’s leading international English school, we are always happy to address this issue and consider it a valid question. The answer is very simple. Elite international schools are still held with the same respect as they were twenty-five years ago. In fact, many of the world’s top universities are happy to host students from Hong Kong. Of course, you may think we are biased, but in our article we will explain some of the reasons why so little has changed.

Schools In Hong Kong For Expats

Schools In Hong Kong For Expats

Until 1997, Hong Kong was a British colony when it was returned to mainland China. It was, and indeed still is, a thriving business district that is home to some of the world’s leading financial institutions and law firms. It was one of the most prosperous cities in the region and therefore hosted a large number of expatriates, primarily from England. Many have chosen to make the country their permanent home, with the establishment of many international schools with strong links to UK universities.

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After 1997, Hong Kong remained largely autonomous and continued as before. While many students continued their education abroad, England was among the preferred countries. Many state and international schools teach English curricula that are perfectly suited to students wishing to continue their education in the UK. Transferring from an international school in Hong Kong to a leading university in the UK is relatively easy.

Although Hong Kong is increasingly adopting mainland Chinese standards in all aspects of life, the impact on foreigners has been minimal at least at this stage, with top international schools still enjoying the same prestige as always. Of course, just like students studying elsewhere in the world, in most cases academics will have to pay full tuition fees without receiving a grant from the UK government. However, this does not prevent students from continuing their education in the UK or elsewhere. Almost all universities are happy to host Hong Kong students because of their work ethic and excellent education.

One of the main reasons why international schools are so respected is the quality of teaching. The best schools in Hong Kong can attract the best teachers thanks to combineable financial packages, favorable tax rates and, of course, excellent lifestyle. The best teachers want to work in the country that is beneficial for all parties, especially students. Students tend to get higher grades and this largely depends on the quality of educators. Naturally, this is a trend that higher education institutions also accept.

In almost all cases, students attending international schools are fee-payers, and this helps generate significant income that goes back to the school in a variety of ways. While this is an advantage in attracting the best teachers, it also means that they have the privilege of access to some of the best facilities in Asia, enhancing the overall learning experience. Using these facilities means students have access to everything they need to help them reach their potential. Naturally, this means that students get all the help they need to obtain the necessary qualifications from top universities.

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We find that both new foreign teachers and students are impressed by the attitudes of students in most international schools. In general, students are more willing to learn and happier than in their home countries. Just like in the workplace, happy students tend to perform better, and with positive influences in their environment, their excellent attitudes are rewarded with well-deserved grades.

English is still one of Hong Kong’s official languages; This means that students whose native language is Hong Kong have no problem meeting the language criteria when applying to university. Very few universities require an English proficiency test if their students attend an international school and study in English. Of course, this supports our contention that international schools in Hong Kong are still held in the same high regard as they always have been, with virtually no restrictions barring entry beyond meeting qualifications.

As we have discussed previously, there is no escaping the fact that obtaining the qualifications required to get into universities in the UK or many other parts of the world is a key consideration. Of course, unconditional offers are made, but this is usually because the student already has an excellent academic record. Everything is perfectly set up for students to be successful after leaving school, continue their education and then go into business. Anyone who goes to school in Hong Kong should be proud of this and it will certainly not limit their future prospects.

Schools In Hong Kong For Expats

As we look to the future, as 2020 has shown, no one will be able to give definitive answers to what will happen. In the future, Hong Kong will undoubtedly be controlled more by the mainland, but all parties recognize the uniqueness of the former colony. in Asia and worldwide. We have no reason to believe that business schools or international schools in Hong Kong will be negatively affected in the short to medium term. This means that our school, along with other schools like us, will be respected for many years to come. Our friendly and helpful team is always ready to answer your questions.

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Everything you need to know, from where to live to which system to choose and when to apply, is here!

We know that moving to a new country can be overwhelming, especially when there are children. Hong Kong has some of the best education options in the world, but it can be daunting with fierce competition to get into a good school. In this unique foreign school guide, we tell you everything you need to know about the system to help you prepare your family and move safely. Best wishes and welcome to Hong Kong!

Many people think that choosing a school depends on the district you live in. Although this may be the case in some cases

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For most other places you live this shouldn’t be a deciding factor and is mostly a matter of preference. This city has one of the most efficient transportation systems in the world. You can take the bus, take a ferry trip, or take the easy-to-navigate subway system; This makes most routes to school very affordable in terms of distance and travel time!

Hong Kong has three main options in terms of the types of schools you can choose: international, independent private and public schools.

. All schools must be registered with the Directorate of National Education. The government has recently made arrangements to include expatriate children moving to Hong Kong. Many public schools now have international programs to help non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students acclimate to the local learning environment.

Schools In Hong Kong For Expats

, but few follow the curriculum of their country of origin. Public schools follow Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education

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The easiest way to get started is to make a list of schools that interest you. You should then contact admissions departments to get an idea of ​​availability, application deadlines, and arrange school visits.

International and private schools have their own requirements and procedures for admitting students. Many start the course in August

With this in mind, we recommend that you start planning and preparing your application well in advance of your move date. If possible, try to secure your child’s place at school before moving.

: Applicants who have not yet obtained resident status in Hong Kong may apply to international schools, provided they meet the immigration requirements for admission to a school here prior to enrollment. Visit the Immigration Department website

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When considering whether to place your children in a public school, fees and language of instruction are often the most important deciding factors. The Hong Kong government provides 12 years of free primary and secondary education to all children in public sector schools. Most local schools teach in Cantonese

. This can be a big plus if you see that your children spend most of their lives here and find work. However, without support at home and only a few years of education, language proficiency may be limited.

You can easily find a variety of public school options in the lists below.

Schools In Hong Kong For Expats

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