Tiny Oceanfront Homes For Sale

Tiny Oceanfront Homes For Sale – Have you ever wondered how much it costs to live in the ocean among nuns and birds? What does $8 million sound like?

That’s the case in Stone Harbor, where a quaint waterfront cottage was recently listed for that price.

Tiny Oceanfront Homes For Sale

Tiny Oceanfront Homes For Sale

Jack Vizzard, the listing agent for the 1,225-square-foot home, said he is confident they will find a buyer in that number.

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So here’s the deal: the house is an 18 meter walk from the beach. Across the street and backed by a large stretch of dunes is Villa Maria By-the-Sea, a 4-acre convent summer retreat property purchased by the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary for $2,000 in 1926. Then there is the Bird Sanctuary.

“The neighbor to the south is set back approximately 270 feet and there are no power lines on this street allowing for a completely open feel,” the listing says.

Even on busy summer days, this setup essentially creates a private beach for the owners of this cottage—and for the nuns, the birds, and the surfers, when the nuns hold their annual Nuns’ Beach Surf Invitational.

“This turns your private beach into one of the most exclusive beaches on the East Coast,” said Vizzard.

Tiny House For Sale Nz

Does this sound like an $8 million incentive? Would you hand over that kind of money if you also knew there were unobstructed 220-degree ocean views?

“This lot is amazing because it juts out and offers amazing views of the ocean and to the south there are views of Cape May,” Vizzard said.

Built in 1954, the interior is charming but small. According to the listing, the house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Tiny Oceanfront Homes For Sale

Vizzard said the next owner would have the option of demolishing the home and building their own, but strict zoning laws in Stone Harbor would limit the next home to two stories and 2,850 square feet.

Bedroom Waterfront Home For Sale, Sopers Hole, Frenchman’s Cay, Bvi

The property was last valued at $4.2 million, according to property records. As of 2018, property taxes are $22,771.This unique home is tucked away in a cove with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean on Vancouver Island in North Saanich, B.C.

Surrounded by nature, the house has its own cove just steps away and really feels like a mermaid hangout.

The property is listed at $3.9 million and has a spacious main house, a guest house and a huge dock.

Plus, if you like fishing or own a boat, you can enjoy it all from your own home.

Tiny House / Tiny Home Located At Oceanfront Property In Abaco, Bahamas

Even the kitchen is the perfect place to look at the water, and you can do it while washing the dishes.

Plus, there’s a cozy covered patio overlooking the ocean, perfect for happy hour cocktails.

The guest house even has a bedroom, a bathroom, and a full kitchen, so if you have a lot of friends and family who want to stay for a while, this would be a great place for them.

Tiny Oceanfront Homes For Sale

This entire property would be a dream come true, living by the sea and seeing some mesmerizing views every day.

Carmel Oceanfront Home With Barrel Vaulted Ceilings Asks $14.5m

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Charming waterfront home for sale in BC is under $550K and is on a small island

This Nova Scotia home for sale is on a lake and crescent-shaped golden sand beach. Meghan Overdeep has more than a decade of experience writing and editing for major publications. His experience spans from weddings and animals to every pop culture moment in between. He’s been scouring the internet for the hottest news in the South since he joined the team in 2017.

A tiny home for sale on Florida’s Gulf Coast is making headlines not for the size of its footprint, but for the size of its price.

Three For $93 Million: A Tech Founder Is Purchasing A Trio Of Homes In Florida’s Golden Beach

Located on Casey Key in Sarasota County, a 1950s home with a modest 472 square feet of living space recently hit the market for $4.5 million. Why? Because the one-bedroom, one-bathroom home at 3761 Casey Key Road sits on half an acre of some of the most desirable waterfront property the Sunshine State has to offer.

“Situated between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Gulf of Mexico, [Casey Key] is one of the highest elevations on Florida’s west coast, with most properties located 10 to 20 feet above the shore,” said listing agent Valerie Dall’Acqua.

Of exclusive barrier island. “What sets Casey Key apart from many other barrier islands is the lack of commercial development. Most of the Key was designated a conservation district by the State of Florida in 1970. There are no high-rise condominiums, hotels, stores or restaurants being built here. Those who are lucky enough to call it home are very lucky!

Tiny Oceanfront Homes For Sale

As the listing indicates, the property is “ideal for building the home of your dreams”. Or simply embrace the historic house and all its beauty. Honestly, you can’t go wrong.

This Charming Waterfront House For Sale In Bc Is Less Than $550k & It’s On A Tiny Island

“Take advantage of your current one-bedroom tiny home in the short term and have a fantastic new home in this beautiful location,” she said.

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However, there is a small solution! There are tons of unique beachfront cottages, providing a big slice of beachfront luxury! These homes are more economical and often have attractive space-saving features to maximize available space.

Awesome Tiny Houses For Sale In Maine You Can Buy Today

The search for these beach retreats can be overwhelming, as can the search for inspiration. That’s why we’ve put together a handy list of beautiful ocean paradises for you to explore.

If you want to travel to Europe, this seaside house has a rustic vibe, perfect for families. Each wall has a functional, homely feel to save space. We love the row of coat clips, positioned above a handy shoe rack near the door.

The displayed cookware adds to the beauty and farmhouse aesthetic of the property. Furthermore, the tiles make the space easier to clean and provide a fantastic floor to walk on barefoot after a swim in the sea!

Tiny Oceanfront Homes For Sale

How cute is this beach hut style home? We love that you can watch the sunset from the beautiful picture windows.

Beach Cottages For Sale With Ocean Views

The sun loungers are perfect for putting your feet up after a refreshing swim in the sea, and we love that you can have a drink while watching the sunset. The blue coating complements the stunning ocean environment!

A house cannot be closer to the sea than this one! We love the balcony that allows you to enjoy the sea view without getting burned. Is there anything better than a hammock on the beach?

This destination makes the most of its surroundings, providing the perfect escape from modern life and hustle and bustle. Kids and adults alike will love being able to get up and run straight to the sea in the morning!

The fire pit here is perfect for bringing everyone together after a long day exploring California beaches. Marshmallows and hot chocolate, anyone?

Big Sur Mickey Muennig House For Sale Asks $6.7m

We love that lush plants embrace the outdoors, giving guests the tropical vacation they’ve always dreamed of. The small shiny tower is another characterful feature that adds to the unique charm!

Want a truly authentic tropical experience? Then this cozy hotel is perfect for you! Complete with traditional thatched roofs, cozy blue hammocks and even towering palm trees, this home has everything you need to feel like you’re in paradise!

Here you can relax in the shade of the balcony before running to the beach and surfing or simply enjoying the view.

Tiny Oceanfront Homes For Sale

Wow! How beautiful is this hidden luxury beach house? We love that the entrance is guarded by two magnificent palm trees. There’s even a small private pool for you to cool off after strolling along the white sand out front.

Nsw Waterfront Properties For Sale Under $1 Million

People staying here will feel connected to nature and it will be an amazing yoga retreat. Getting out of bed and onto the warm sand will be a wonderful experience here!

Do you know a dolphin lover? If so, bringing them here will make them happy! This cabin on the edge of crystal clear waters in Cuba is a fun escape from urban life.

We love the grass of the traditional building

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