Rooms To Go Dunn North Carolina

Rooms To Go Dunn North Carolina – DUNN, N.C., October 15, 2015 // – Rooms To Go, the nation’s leading independent grocery store, will break ground on its flagship location on Saturday, October 17 at 10 a.m., located south of Interstate 95. Is. Exit 75 of Jonesboro Road, Rooms To Go Super Center address is 901 Rooms To Go Way, Dunn, NC 28334. The newly constructed facility sits on approximately 1,450,000 square feet on 120 acres and has rooms- contemporary art. Go to showroom, Rooms to Go showroom for children/teenagers, Rooms to Go outlet center and large distribution center stocking thousands of furniture items.

The entrance to the Rooms To Go showroom in the 1.450 million square foot Dunn Super Center

Rooms To Go Dunn North Carolina

Rooms To Go Dunn North Carolina

The Dunn Super Center and distribution center will create approximately 400 new jobs for local residents. In addition to serving customers at the new Dunn’s stores, the state-of-the-art distribution center occupies more than 1.3 million square feet under roof and will serve Room To Go stores and customers throughout the Carolinas and the I-95 corridor. . Rooms To Go has many premier stores in the market including showrooms in Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, Myrtle Beach, Wilmington and Fayetteville.

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At the retailer’s new Dunn Super Center location, furniture shoppers will discover the full Rooms To Go experience – more than 40,000 square feet of quality living room, dining room and bedroom furniture all brought to you. Showcase a coordinated beauty salon designed to inspire buyers. do it. Buying furniture made easy. Its extensive selection includes the Cindy Crawford Home and Sofia Vergara collections, which have quickly become the two fastest-growing home furniture brands in the United States and are exclusive to Rooms To Go.

The attached Rooms To Go store offers a wide selection of the latest products for children and teenagers, including exclusive Disney products (such as Disney Princesses, Pirates of the Caribbean and Cars to name a few), products The home of the NFL and the swag of Sofia Vergara Collection was included. Collection of children and youth. All these amazing brands are available only in To Go rooms.

“We are thrilled with the reception we have received from Dunn, Harnett County and the entire beautiful state of North Carolina. We want to be a great contributor to the community for years to come. We will not only continue to provide the best.” The style, quality and value of Rooms To Go, but now with our new state-of-the-art distribution center, we will be able to do it even faster and better,” said Jeffrey Seaman, CEO, Rooms To Go. “It’s fantastic, the facility will allow us to offer our customers the most affordable home furnishings in the Southeast and add hundreds of new additions to the Rooms To Go family.”

Rooms To Go is a proud supporter of several charities and will donate a portion of opening day sales to the Dunn Police Athletic and Activities League which works with at-risk children through its athletic programs, tutoring programs and mentoring programs. Representatives from the charity as well as Dunn Mayor Oscar Harris will attend the ribbon cutting ceremony along with several local and state dignitaries and Rooms to Go officials.

Luxury Living Rises In Raleigh

Rooms to Go and the city of Dunn received assistance for the project through concrete improvements made by the North Carolina Department of Transportation, as well as generous support from the Community Development Grant Program, Leaf Foundation, North Carolina Development Rural Economy. Center and One North Carolina Fund. Additionally, a portion of the project is being financed with loans made possible through the federal New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) program through Cityscape Capital Group, LLC, Community Affordable Housing Equity Corporation (CAHEC) and SunTrust Community Capital, LLC allocation to NMTC. funded. ,

Mayor Oscar Harris said, “The Shelter has quickly become an active and caring member of our community. We welcome them and look forward to many more years of working together to improve the community and the region.”

About Rooms To Go and Togo Rooms For Kids Based in Seffner, Florida, Rooms To Go is the nation’s largest furniture retailer, with more than 150 showrooms in ten different states throughout the South- East and Texas. An example of Rooms To Go’s commitment to making home furnishing shopping easy and convenient is packaging all rooms for sale and offering next day delivery to its customers. Founded in 1991 by current CEO Jeffrey Seaman and his father Morty, Rooms To Go established its first retail showroom in Orlando, Florida. Today the company employs more than 7,000 people. In 1997, Rooms to Go opened its first store, Rooms to Go Kids. Rooms to Go Kids has a wide variety of room packages for kids and has exclusive licensing deals with Disney and the NFL. For more information on the wide selection of room packages that Rooms To Go offers, visit

Rooms To Go Dunn North Carolina

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On Saturday morning, the furniture maker opened the doors to its largest facility in the Southeast – the 1.4 million-square-foot Rooms to Go Super Center, which combines a showroom and delivery center.

For many residents and area leaders, the opening represents a new day for Harnett County. They see an opportunity for 400 jobs that RTG will bring to the area, and endless possibilities for shopping and spending out of town.

“The main factory jobs you have here are like champions, and have been for years,” said Harnett County resident Celestine Williams. “And then you had Irwin Mills, and they were gone for years.”

Williams added, “You know, we’re a small town, we don’t get a lot of jobs here.” “Good for Dunn, I’m glad he’s here.”

Dunn, North Carolina City Limit Sign. Town Sign From The Usa. Stock Image

Before helping cut the red ribbon at the center’s entrance, State Representative David Lewis announced, “It’s a great day to be in Harnett County.” “I think what you see behind that is a light, a light that will bring hundreds of thousands of people every day to good jobs and good paying jobs.”

“Millions of dollars are coming in here every few weeks,” said Harnett County Commissioner Jim Bergin.

“[Thank you] for making a small town mayor’s dream come true,” said Dunn Mayor, Oscar Harris. “I applaud Rooms To Go and would encourage you all to give it a shot.”

Rooms To Go Dunn North Carolina

“I’d like a nice little princess bed and maybe a little chair to sit on, you know,” Cheatham said matter-of-factly. “There are great deals, and it’s amazing, it’s amazing.”

Rooms To Go Distribution Center

Victoria said with a laugh, “I’ve been waiting for this for about 8 months because I want something from there that I have to put in my house.”

Eddie and Bonita Langston are happy to see the news cameras. RTG has put Dunn on the map, he said, which will increase traffic and economic development.

“Bringing jobs, and

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