Jobs Abroad For English Speakers

Jobs Abroad For English Speakers – Students decide to study abroad for many different reasons. QS research has found that the main motivations for students to study in a new country include language, job opportunities and the reputation of higher education institutions.

For those who move to a new country or city, it is common to find a job while studying; Research conducted in the UK shows that 62% of students also work part-time. But starting a university can be difficult enough, at least in a different country. So how do you find the job that best suits your student life?

Jobs Abroad For English Speakers

Jobs Abroad For English Speakers

We wanted to find out where students can find the best job opportunities in Europe when they choose to study abroad. To do this, we analyzed more than 3 million LinkedIn job postings, more than 12,000 Glassdoor company ratings, and hundreds of salaries from more than 90 European locations and ranked them as follows:

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We combined these metrics into an overall weighted index to find the last places in Europe where international students can find work while studying.

Looking at the five dimensions of our index rating, research shows that Delft in the Netherlands ranks as the best place to work while studying abroad, with the highest score of 100.

Located in the Western Netherlands, this city is famous for having one of the most prestigious universities in the world and is ranked 15th in the QS World University Rankings.

Leiden, another Dutch city, ranked second with 99.67 points out of 100, while Konstanz in Germany ranked third with 98.36.

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Konstanz is one of three German cities in the top ten, taking tenth place along with Würzburg (ranked 5th) and Göttingen.

While some of Europe’s biggest cities naturally offer a wide variety of student-friendly jobs, you won’t find London, Berlin or Copenhagen at the top of that list.

Boasting the top two destinations with the highest percentage of student-friendly jobs, Danish destinations are clearly ahead in this category. The city of Odense took first place, with 156 student-friendly jobs out of a total of 1,000 jobs available. Aalborg, also in Denmark, came second with 148 student jobs out of 1,000 posts.

Jobs Abroad For English Speakers

When we looked at how many student-friendly jobs were available compared to the local population, we found that students in Bath in the UK probably had the easiest time finding work; There were 2,155 student-friendly jobs per 100,000 people.

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Another British city, Brighton, comes in second place with 1,990 jobs per 100,000 people, while four other UK areas also feature in the top ten, including Oxford, Coventry, Durham and Cambridge.

Three Swiss cities top the list of places offering the best-paid, part-time students: Lausanne, Zurich and Bern offer the best annual salaries for part-time students of £15,725, £15,585 and £14,726 respectively.

And £11,831 per annum, making both excellent choices when looking for a new place to study and work.

Whether you’re a student working at home or abroad, you’ll want to find a workplace with a friendly atmosphere that will suit your student schedule while offering support and flexibility.

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To test this further, we looked at the places with the highest ratings for student-friendly employers and found that Paris, France offers the best work experience for students. 48.9% of these companies were ‘high-end’ companies, with some of the most popular jobs for students such as waiting and babysitting paying €10 and €11 an hour.

Immigrant students often do not speak their native language, and for those who do, Konstanz in Germany has a high number of jobs available for non-native speakers. We found 985 records of non-German speakers per 100 thousand people.

Among non-natives, Lund, Sweden, and Tübingen, Germany, come in second and third; each providing 936 and 912 roles per 100 thousand people, respectively.

Jobs Abroad For English Speakers

Among the top ten destinations, Germany offers the most student-friendly job opportunities for non-native speakers: five out of the top ten.

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We researched which places offer the most jobs for English speakers and found that Lund, Sweden, offers 2,188 English speaking jobs per 100,000 people; This is more than any other non-native English speaking city in our analysis.

English is a second language in Sweden and it does consistently well on the EF English Proficiency Index. The index measures the proficiency of non-native speaking countries, and in 2021 Sweden was ranked 8th out of 112.

Ranked second is Tübingen, Germany, which provides 1,235 English-speaking jobs per 100,000 people; A study by Europe Language Jobs shows that more than 62% of German people speak English. Six other German regions also ranked in the top 10 for offering the most jobs to English speakers.

How does knowing the local language speed up integration into a new city and culture?

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We spoke to Communication expert Nadia Mykhalevych about her understanding of the importance of language when moving and integrating into a new city: “Moving abroad can be exciting and scary, there’s a lot to consider. People often think that one of the biggest challenges when moving to another country is learning a new language.

Although it may not be easy, learning the local language can be the key to quickly integrating into your new community.

Being confident in your communication skills will make it easier for you to grasp the local culture and allow you to understand your new city and its residents more deeply.

Jobs Abroad For English Speakers

Additionally, knowing the language gives you the opportunity to expand your social circle. This is a big advantage because it is very common not to know anyone in the area before moving there; Having the ability to make friends on your own can make or break your experience abroad!

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If you want to quickly learn the basics of the language and start your new life abroad, a private tutor is a great way to practice. “Language teachers passionately encourage self-development while creating a supportive environment where multilingual friendships can flourish.”

Our research looks at the first definitive list of 94 European cities and towns with comparable data to be ranked by criteria related to student workers.

Our original list of places was based on the places with the highest ranking universities and/or the largest student population in Europe.

We analyzed data from both Glassdoor and LinkedIn, including jobs per 100,000 people, average salary, and top-rated companies.

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The final ranking of positions includes 3.1 million job postings, 163,000 of which are student-friendly based on job type, level of experience required to apply, and part-time or entry-level availability.

We then aggregate the results of these metrics and create an index measure. Index ratings are calculated from 50 to 100; 50 points are the worst and 100 points are the best. Each metric in the index is weighted equally toward the overall score.

Open the doors to a world of opportunities with the support of a teacher! Get started today and move forward with your budget and plan.

Jobs Abroad For English Speakers

Adam is a content marketing expert with a passion for language. He is originally from Birmingham, England but currently lives in Barcelona. He is currently studying Spanish with his teacher Jordi.

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Jobs Abroad For English Speakers

If you have dreams of working abroad, your career options are probably a) teaching English; b) teaching English or; c) Teaching English.

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This is exactly what my future looked like when I first arrived in Spain; until I realized that I was not cut out as a teacher and I would do anything to avoid doing it.

That’s how I found my current job in digital marketing and content writing, thanks to my journalism degree, travel blogging, and my luck in the Spanish government. My eyes have been opened to the world of overseas job opportunities for foreigners like me that go beyond teaching English (of course).

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